When does XYZZY voting begin?

I was wondering, when does the voting for 2015 XYZZY awards begin?

I don’t know. Last year, first round voting opened in March. In 2013, it opened on February 17th.

Are you excited?

Yes; playing through all the xyzzy nominees was a blast, so I feel that they really serve a good purpose. It would feel fun voting in them, and seeing if anything gets nominated that I never heard of.

I saw a bunch of ‘for your consideration’ polls go up on ifdb, so I voted for some games I think people might find interesting.

Unless someone else wants to host it, sometime I’ll put up some posts on my blog for discussion of the individual categories.

The IFDb polls are basically impossible to have a discussion on, since you’re not supposed to upvote, so once a game has been nominated you can’t say anything more about the game. Which doesn’t do anything to prevent trainwrecks like the time a couple years ago when Ultra Business Tycoon III was nominated in Best Puzzle for “getting a million dollars,” and after the voting it turned out that no two people could agree on which puzzle “getting a million dollars” referred to. So I think it’d be nice to have a venue for discussion, especially for the Individual categories where we might need some clarification.

That sounds great! Will you post a link when they come up (later on)? I follow Planet IF, but I know not everyone does

I will! (Though it might not happen too soon, it’ll take me a little while to get organized.) I’m not on Planet IF, so if folks can signal boost it a bit at other forums that might be of interest–Twine, ChoiceScript, Quest, IntFic, not sure what else–that’d be great.

I have an etiquette question about the XYZZY awards. I reviewed the criteria for submission. On the IFDB polls, I submitted my own game Beneath Floes to the “Best Story” and “Best Multimedia” categories. It is a faux pas to nominate my own work to those polls? (I realize the IFDB polls aren’t official nomination lists, of course). If so, I can delete my votes – still trying to make in-roads to the IF community and hopefully find constructive ways to contribute, so I don’t want to offend anyone.

Slowly making my way through a lot of the games on the polls … I played some of these but missed out on a few.

I’m guessing maga would be the best person to ask about this. (And the original question about when voting will take place, also.) I don’t know if he’s been around the forum lately though?

Nobody seems to be answering, so I don’t think there’s any strong opinion about it. (I don’t have any.)

Sounds good. Thanks, you two. It’s my understanding those IFDB polls are more like informal recommendations so folks can be aware of what games came out in 2015, rather than any kind of official list? But definitely shoot me a message if I’m wrong about that and need to delete my self-votes.