When are we having the XYZZY Awards this year?

Recently I was thinking about making a new For Your Consideration Poll on IFDB for the XYZZY Awards, but I felt uncomfortable making one when I didn’t even know when the first round voting would be up. (More selfishly, I really wanna know when we’re doing Shuffle Comp, which I understand will be held after the awards are over and done with.) So, can I get an ETA for this year’s XYZZY Awards?

We should be rolling out the nominee list at some point in the next week, and the first round of voting will begin just as soon as we’ve worked out a schedule that works for all the organisers. So, no promises just yet, but I’d estimate a ceremony… mid-March? Maybe a little earlier?

I probably won’t want to run the shufflecomp immediately after that, because I’ll probably be wrangling XYZZY Review things. So! As a very rough estimate, I’d expect an announcement on April Fool’s Day, with game-making starting around the same time as the release of the Spring Thing games.