When are TADS3 games playable online?

I’ve noticed that some TADS3 3 games are playable online, like Elysium Enigma (though the save file never works for me).

However, “Max Blaster and Doris…” and Mix Tape are both TADS3, but aren’t playable online.

What makes the difference between online and not for TADS3 ?

I may be wrong, but I believe the author has to actually make a separate WebUI version. Depending on the complexity of their game, this may be trivial, or it may not be. At any rate, there is currently no way to make an existing .t3 game playable online; the author has to actually make the online-playable version.

You are correct, author must recompile the game for the WebUI. It is trivial task when author didn’t used more advanced features, which are banner API, sound and non-standard TADS HTML tags. It is not possible (and won’t be possible) to transfer existing t3 binary into web game, you must have access to source code to make a web version.

About the restrore, I’ve tried and noticed it is not possible to restore save file in Elysium from the menu at the start of the game (pressing R). However there is no problem to begin new game and type command “restore”, then the game is restored successfully. Is this the problem you are talking about?