When are results announced?

Alright, back to topic…

For what exact reason people have rated my entry Trap Cave so badly in the competition?

Why was Project Delta in 2008 voted better than Trap Cave in 2009, although Project Delta was only a demo and less complex than Trap Cave?

Why have some people on this forum expected me to fall on the last place and then wondered that I wasn’t voted the worst game in the competition? :smiley:

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Questions, Mr. President. Questions.
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For what it’s worth, I didn’t vote in the competition, and I haven’t played your game (or most of the other entries). If you are interested in writing a good game, then I hope you get some good feedback here. But getting good feedback is going to be hard if you snap at everyone who criticizes your work.

I suspect the biggest reason for that is taste, but another reason is that Inform games could be running in any size window, and a nice ASCII graphic might not fit in a small window. (The scaling trick I used in the snake game doesn’t really work for something with a lot of detail.)

Well, I don’t quite see the point of repairing broken save files (do people still get random file corruption in the year 2010?), and saving transcripts is a standard feature of most Z-code and Glulx interpreters… but more to the point, I don’t see why you’re framing this as a competition between Node-X and Inform. They are not in competition. They’re designed for making completely different types of games.

I’m going by what you said, what reviewers have said, and the IF Comp scores. I haven’t played the game, but I have no reason to doubt what I’ve read about it.

Before you tell me what being a “true American” is all about, why don’t you read up on the First Amendment? American law protects free speech to a much greater extent than you seem to think it does. The criticism you’ve received on this message board is nothing compared to the things that American courts have held to be legal in marches, TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines, and even other web sites. Nothing you’ve experienced here qualifies as “cyberbullying” or harassment under any relevant law.

And if you think this sort of mildly heated criticism is “attacking or hurting” you to such a degree that you need to “defend” yourself by wasting the FBI’s time reporting something that is not illegal… well, the internet is going to be a very stressful place for you.

You might be able to censor your YouTube comments, but you can’t censor the entire internet. No matter who you are or what you do, you’re going to encounter people who are mean to you, and you’re going to have to deal with that fact. The way you’ve chosen to deal with it here, it seems to me, has not been very productive or mature. Hopefully that will change.

Yes, isn’t it strange that I can do that just by pointing out things you’ve said? :wink:

I’m not trying to intimidate you: again, the FBI doesn’t care what either of us write here. I’m just pointing out that you’re doing the same things that you claim to be “defending” yourself against.

According to Wiktionary: “(idiomatic) A difficult situation from which there is no escape because it involves mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.” That was all I meant by it.

You don’t need to defeat me. I surrender.

If you haven’t played my game and rant about its features with me here then why should people listen to what you say? Why should I even talk to you? I have better things to do than wasting my time with a bunch of ignorants.

Our discussion has ended.


P.S. You are not that important as me either. Nobody in this world gives a damn what you and the reviewers think, because intelligent people make up their own opinion anyway.

Well, Pacian. You may surrender. But we will see if those ignorant reviewers surrender when I submit my next game in the upcoming IFComp 2010…

But somehow I have the feeling that this whole IF competition is going to die in the coming years anyway. Not manly people play text adventures in the year 2010. And authors leave, because they know they can get attention for their games outside the competition. Just look at the numbers in the IFComp’09 results list. Only 24 games entered and only 133 voters in total. That’s not much.

You’re right, I think it’ll be best for everyone if you go back to spending your time uploading videos of yourself playing shooter games.


…of cool shooter games, I’d like to add. :sunglasses:

Two camels in a tiny car… :mrgreen:


Is that somehow a metaphor for what this thread has become?

Well, this thread is about subjects which deal about the results of IFComp 2009, as imposed by the thread starter.
Watch the video and you will know why I posted it.

I mean, come on, do you really believe that bad reviews and low ratings will scare someone like me off?
I thought you knew better.

They say the world is going to end in 2012 and not 2010. I’m just sayin’. :wink:

Hi Emilian, I didn’t play Trap Cave, mostly because of the reviews I read which said it was half English / half German.

I would definitely encourage you to enter a game in the next IF comp (or Spring Thing or one of the many other comps), just make sure it’s written in a single language. Make that German if you have to (though understand then that only German speakers will vote on it.)