What's your IF wish list?

There’s been a lot of discussion on the forums about what games people would like to see. So I’m starting this thread as a way of finding out what people want (to inspire authors, including me!)

Here’s my wishlist:

-A game where the walkthrough is the real game (may have happened before)
-A parser-based fighting game
-A game where you consume others to gain their powers (Mangiasaur and Changes have done this, but I love this)
-A big Twine western with a cast of NPCs including a saloon owner and a sheriff and a town you can wander around
-A longish (non-limited) parser game with world model and a few NPCs that uses Vorple to look as good as Harmonia or Bogeyman

What’s your wishlist?

Cragne Manor ? :wink:

Kerkerkruip 2020 ?

Also En Garde?

West of Loathing ? - though it’s a graphical adventure game might fill this slot. What about Tin Star? choiceofgames.com/user-cont … /tin-star/

Tin star seems fun!

For the fighting game, I mean a game like Street Fighter with a twist. Kerkerkruip Is mechanically like that but has a roguelike feel.

These are great Hanon, thanks!