What's your favorite C64 emulator?

What’s your favorite C64 emulator? What do u suggest as a good, easy-to-use one? I found this page of just about every C64 game ever made (I think Shogun and other Infocom are on the list as well) and I wanted to play around with some. Thanks!

c64 emulators; i’ve not been there. What do you recommend? I’d like to try out some of these old programs.

Vice has scratched my itch so far. Full disclosure, though: I never personally owned a 64. That could mean I wouldn’t recognize flaws in the emulation. Of course, it could also be a testament to how easy the emulator is to work with, because I had few problems grokking the thing.

Oh, and the 64 is pretty much synonymous with joystick control, so some kind of USB controller is recommended.

Cool beans! I will check out Vice. The others I’ve played with have ranged from “doesn’t work” to “Windows Has Stopped A Trojan”. So, little satisfaction so far.

And true about the joystick. I’ll have to make-do for now on that one, lol.


Vice is pretty much the standard.

Also, something like this could let you use actual Commodore controllers on your computer: retronicdesign.com/en/

I‘ve tried them all, Frodo, CCs64, Hosx64, but Vice is the best. If you’re on macOS Virtual C-64bis also very good.

If you’re looking for game collections you should look out for Gamebase64.


VICE does it for me.

I use CCS64 myself as well. I’ve used Vice in the past, but don’t recall why I ended up preferring CCS64.

I grew up with the C64, the old “cookie box” model at first and when I could finally buy one myself I got the flat model (which suited me just fine because it allowed you to put flopppies upright in the small ‘slots’ behind the keyboard) :wink:

But I’d also like to put in a vote for Vice. It’s pretty much the best I’ve come across with and what I enjoy the most is that the timing of the whole thing really is fully on-par. I don’t remember how but a few years ago I managed to find an image of the Final Cartridge which is something I’ve used a lot. Well… I only needed to tell Vice about the rom image, set it as default and done.

It’s sure one heck of a nostalgic blast :wink: