What's the state of glulx windows in Inform 10?

So I notice that Flexible Windows doesn’t exist in the i7 repository for 10.1. Should I take this to mean that there is no support for creating graphical and other windows in I10 at this point? Is the capability anticipated to return?

Yes it will definitely return! Hopefully in the next version.

Several Glk related extensions are being incorporated into the core, in what is called the Glk foundations. The pull request is waiting to be merged. Then it shouldn’t take much to update FW to be based on the foundations rather than the old extensions.

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Well dang, that means my surefire IFComp winner is going to have to wait, or I’m going to have to stay on v9.

By the way, is it true the next version will support multiple source files?

I believe that proposal has been accepted, but no word on when it’ll be implemented. Hopefully in less than eight years!

It’s implemented. It’ll be in the next release.

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