Whats the coolest/most interesting mechanic you've programmed in sugarcube 2?

Just looking for inspiration and I am curious [:

I’m not sure it’s interesting to anyone else, but I totally reworked the save/load game interface in SugarCube for a game I’m working on (which is currently on hold).

Maybe not the most interesting thing to others, but I found it quite interesting to work out. I’ve been considering how to turn it into a package that others could use, but I haven’t quite worked out a good way to do that yet.

Also, I really need to get back and finish working on my Universal Inventory System (UInv) for Twine/SugarCube. At least getting it up to v1.0 and finishing up the documentation and sample code. That said, it’s already functional and has some (IMHO) really neat features in it.


UInv is so cool!!

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Where can I find your games?

I made a free form poetry game where you write poetry as the main way of interacting with the world.


Woah that’s so cool!

I made a game prototype based on The Sims where the time passes in real time and your basic needs like energy and hunger go up or down at various rates based on the passage you’re currently on. You could also level up your character’s skills over time by doing different activities like studying, working, etc.