What's the best way to play Worlds Apart on a Mac?

I’m on macOS Sierra 10.12.2 on a retina MacBook Pro. I can get Worlds Apart to start in Zarf’s “unofficial” build of Gargoyle github.com/erkyrath/garglk/releases

There are two problems with this:

  1. I’m pretty sure that Gargoyle isn’t showing me all of the fancy bells and whistles that normally appear in Worlds Apart. (The readme.txt mentions color codes; I don’t see any colors.)

  2. Gargoyle looks really bad on a retina screen. github.com/garglk/garglk/issues/192

What’s the best way to get the full experience with Worlds Apart?

Try QTads.

I’m trying again, now on macOS 11 Big Sur. QTads and Spatterlight both seem to work OK.

But, I still need to ask, does Worlds Apart have color? I see no sign of any colored text in QTads or in Spatterlight. (But maybe I just need to play far enough to find the parts with color…?)

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If I recall, the 2nd or 3rd act should change color.

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The Tads support in Spatterlight is on par with that of Gargoyle and Lectrote, but I’ve hacked in some rudimentary support for text colors. I did a quick comparison with QTads, and it seems that Spatterlight will print the italic style in the help text as bold instead.

If you get to a part with color or other fancy effects, I’d be interested in any save files or screenshots.