What's one positive/neutral thing that's happened today?

I got a lovely snuggly good-morning hug from my son.


I honestly am sad that I can’t give this more than one heart


Would that have anything to do with the well-known positive health-effects of stolen cookies?


Today’s my birthday! :smile:

EDIT: Well it was at the time this question was posted, and I haven’t gone to sleep yet. The “next day starts at midnight” thing is a lie lol


It’s entirely possible, but I don’t think it’s been scientifically validated. I’ll just have to keep eating cookies, I mean running studies to find out!


Learning of ikigai.

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The sky is beautiful and bright- and the other day, we picked up some pie that was apparently lost in translation: it was supposedly apple, and wound up being a meat pie- something that I fancy Miss Mosca Mye and her homicidal pet goose Saracen would have enjoyed. I had a toasted up slice of it, and it’s quite good- sort of like a Jamaican beef patty but milder on the spices, in a thicker, more buttery pastry crust. That and some extra strong coffee to start off things in quite the lovely direction, even if I was left squinting a bit through the sunglare shining off of the condos and windows lining the street.


I don’t think I ever heard of someone picking up “some” pie or cake (is this an American expression?) e.g. versus “I picked up a cake (at the shops), I picked up a pie (at the stall)” Combined with your use of figurative language, this caused me to really struggle interpreting the sentence. I genuinely thought you picked it up off the ground for the first two reads! Tasty ground pie.



“Ooooo! Floor pie!” ~ Homer Simpson


It’s idiomatic in American English.

“I picked up some ice cream” or “I picked up some cake” are both idiomatic, probably because they’re arbitrarily divisible; “I picked up some keyboard” or “I picked up some car” would not be idiomatic (you’d pluralize keyboard and car).


The sun is shining.

(Those that live on the east coast of Australia will appreciate this. We’ve had record-breaking rain and floods all year. As I write this, there are towns experiencing their worst floods in history.)


I just received the deed for the house I bought. In cash. For $3,860.47 USD.

It obviously needs alot of work, but the house appears to be dry and solid and the roof isn’t leaking yet, which is pretty damn good for that price point in the US.

Bought it off of a tax repository in Pennsylvania if anyone here is familiar with that.

We have until June before our existing lease ends, but I work remotely, so I’ll be packing up to head out there and I’ll be attempting to get the place habitable by then.

Likey a foreshadow to a long series of headaches and sweat equity, but, on the other hand, if things work out, we may never need to pay rent or mortgage again after June.

So… cautiously happy and fairly intimidated at the same time I guess. :partying_face:

Edit: Well, to be fair, I received the deed with yesterday’s post, but I didn’t check that post until this morning, so I’ll consider it today news instead of yesterday news, because it was delayed (by my own lackadaisical nature) making the final step to my eyeballs.

Edit2: That picture is a bit cheerier than the current reality (streetview pic from a couple years ago). These were taken a couple months ago when I was out there investigating (trespassing) the property:


I was talking to my best friend last night- we’ve known each other for quite literally, half of our lives. Sometimes we go awhile without chatting, but it’s always like picking up where we left off when either one of us pops by unannounced again. Doesn’t matter who we’ve become, the new faces we’ve had keeping us company, the things we’ve gotten up to or failed to do- we’re always ourselves, and there’s always been a deep affection for one another that’s very comforting.

To be thought of so tenderly- to occupy space in one another’s lives even in our absence, to be remembered and loved- quietly, persistently. To know definitively, without question- that there is someone out there who thinks kindly of you: who loves you, as you are, and as you will be.

I’ve been looking for the poem I read it in years ago (probably on Tumblr,) but there’s a line that goes ‘I love you in the way you could walk in through my front door years from now and I would say welcome home’ or something like that.

Anyways, it’s a pretty apt description of our relationship dynamic. It always cheers me up when I speak to him. He’s recently been nursing a pretty bad burn injury- but he’s on the mend, and promised with a sigh he’d stay on top of the dressing changes (something he was a bit reluctant to do at first because of the pain) for my sake: I had quite the moment of whiplash when he said he was in the emergency room for it, he’s the sort to wave away medical assistance and insist on toughing things out, so I was pretty concerned that he’d gone without my having to fuss at him about it. He’ll be OK!

And it’s good he promised to stay on top of tending to it- or else I’m coming for his pinky finger. (It’s a long running joke we have that if he breaks a pinky promise, I get to excise the finger with one of his pocketknives: mostly because we have a very funny contrast in appearance, and no one would think of me as the slasher flick enthusiast out of us: a surly, moody eyed punk sporting a battered leather jacket, stompy boots and sprawling tattoos with a foot of height over me, invariably sporting shades of pink, several stuffed animals, white lace and pearls, and Sanrio merch. I may be the poet- but he’s the soft hearted one- he’s been mulling over the tattoo design for one he’s getting ‘for me’ since I can’t have any due to my hemophilia.)


I saw some lovely reviews about my comp entries on the Forum/IFDB today. That made me super happy to see people enjoying my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I discovered a review on origin of love that I had no idea existed, since it’s only on IFDB. Apparently it’s from a top 25 reviewer? Pretty cool! Plus, I found it charming that they drew a comparison between my entry and Charm’s. Here’s an excerpt from it:

Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me,
Hypertext poetry. A portrait of obsessive, excessive, limitless love. Or is it? The vivid, lascivious imagery offers an interesting thematic counterpart to the other Ectocomp 2022 entry, MARTYR ME, that also displays a similar co-mingling of sex and unexpected violence amid a sense of unreality. Is there something in the air? Ectocomp is horny this year.

(It’s kind of hilarious, since I wrote origin of love framed specifically around that one bible quote I pulled out- “23:4 - though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil: for you are with me.” because interpreting it through a romantic lens seemed really sweet to me- and the shadows bit made me think of vampires.

I’ve been pondering writing shorter pieces around some of my favourite songs, like songfic back in the day- and imagine how homoerotic they’d turn out if I themed them after like, SAKIMA’s music, LOL.)


I got some extra free pretzels :slight_smile:


We are having a rainy day in central Texas. I can’t remember the last time that happened-- not just a storm or some rain, but a rainy day. It must have been years ago. Maybe many years ago. I have a distinct memory of one in about 2015. Yet here we are, with a cold gray rainy day. It’s bliss.


I spent 9 days in the hospital for some rather sincere medical issues (gall bladder horrors and a hard to find upper GI bleed).

I spent most of that time losing blood and dehydrated more severely than I’ve ever been in my life.

I got out last week, and today is the first day that I don’t have a blinding heache! It’s so amazing to feel like I’m coming back to myself. It’s seriously like a kind of re-birth.

I have such incredibly deep heartfelt gratitude for the heroes and heroines who work at Charles MGH where I was. The nurses and doctors are miracle workers, and everyone down to the nice man who always gave me the good word when he came around to collect the trash. He’s a hero too. Sometimes people in bad shape need a moment of human kindness as much as any care.

The Moving Vietnam War Memorial was in our neighborhood today and my wife walked out to see it.

It is a great day to be alive everyone! Please enjoy every second of it! :smiley: :partying_face:


Another one I can post.

I think I’m finally seeing the end of a really hideous bout of insomnia that has lasted for about a week now. Finally slept for 6 hours last night instead of 2. It’s nice to be able to mentally function and drive a car again!


Programmed a new level for a platformer/matching game that I made for my 3-year-old, and worked on winding stair treads for the house I’m building for us to move into…