What's one positive/neutral thing that's happened today?

Bowl of strawberries. :3



I looked over the offerings, and really delighted to see a through line of vampires and some epistolary works, and thrilled to see some authors whose work I really love in there- I’ll definitely have to play Corfman and Cochran and Manon’s games.

Also, outlined my April Camp NaNoWriMo roughly, so I feel good about hitting the ground running tomorrow.


I woke up to find the SpringThing games ready!


I’m here to make an announcement. I’m not sure if this thread is the best place to put this here, since it could be seen as a rant.

The past month has had a lot(?) of ‘firsts’'. And with that comes many mistakes.

But I think what worked out is that I finally plucked up the courage to try. That is the positive thing I learnt. Some say I have grown and become more active in the IF community. We’ll get to that later.

I submitted my first completed piece of IF in The Chosen Path for a jam (the Revival Jam), in Twine. First completed, first Twine stuff.

This is also my first time beta and playtesting stuff. My first playtested game was Mathbrush’s Faery: Swapped for Seedcomp. That was also my first playtested parser game. I also playtested my first ever games- five in all- for Spring Thing. Last year for IF Comp, I could only review. This year, one of my resolutions was to playtest some stuff for some comp or jam, and I did it. Among them: my first playtested Choicescript game, my first playtested Ink game, I guess. (The next step in my journey after reviewing and playtesting: writing something proper for a major event.)

The previous week also saw me finally inviting my family members to watch Kung Fu Panda 4, where this was the first ever time I paid for everyone’s tickets.

That same week we also went to a hithero-never explored place in Singapore (which is Katong/Joo Chiat for those who are more familiar). Well, that was also my first time tasting something with Katong laksa sauce in it, albeit fish and chips, come on, fusion is better than nothing right?

The above picture is my family and I among the traditional houses (I’m smack in the centre).

With all that development, sometimes I still step on other’s shoes- both literally and figuratively. Ah, the growing pains of being in this community…

Like what happened earlier when the Rosebush article on trauma came out and I tried to air my thoughts.

To Hanon and the moderator team, to Manon, Sophia and the Neo-Interactives, and to Joey, Kastel, Amanda, and anyone else that was involved, I am sending my sincere apologies for what happened, as well as the confusion and misunderstanding that resulted. This is still a common problem- I normally have good intentions in what I want to say, but sometimes- that was one of those times- I just could not find the right vocabulary to put things across without, well, hurting other’s feelings. I have grown somewhat, as what people here and over at the CoG forum have said. But it ain’t easy.

That is why I am continuing my reviews- Revival Jam and Spring Thing, but this time, to try to be more nuanced and tactful. Please continue to give me and to each other encouragement and support. We all need this.


Charlotte decided to do NaNoPoMo (a poem per day) alongside me in the Comeows cutesy little Sleepaway Cabin themed thread for that, which is super exciting. She’s really sweet, and it’s always lots of fun with other meows on board. Hazel wants to try the July run of Camp, so I’ll also be joining her for that, I think. And Jade mentioned wanting to work on screenwriting for the April run, so yippee!


I kinda wanted to say my positive of the day was being done with reviewing the SeedComp! games but that would be lying (I still have 3 left, maybe it will happen today :crossed_fingers:).

An actual positive for-real thing: the Spring Thing is there again :smiley: and I dumped a bunch of terrible code for the Source Code Amnesty.
Ok another one: I have my IF progress plan for the month of April! It’s more coding progress than writing progress. Also more parser than choice again :thinking:

Exciting times ahead this week :bangbang:


I’d appreciate if this was moved to another thread.

Additionally, I know that I am still very uncomfortable with everything that occurred. I won’t speak for others involved. But frankly, I’d prefer not to be spoken to or of again, whether on this forum or the COG one.

ETA: To clarify, I don’t have an issue with Amanda. I would very much so prefer to not have future contact from Noah, whether directly to me, or speaking of me elsewhere.


Ran through a whole convertor of ink again- which means I’ll be mixing up silly little ink potions in my pens when I get home and hop out of the shower. Perhaps a wiser person might do the ink refill before showering, to avoid the bane of inky hands, but frankly, I quite like the add on- it’s a nice marker that ‘oh, you’re part of the same club!’ when you run into someone who also uses, or is at least familiar with, fountain pens. It’ll be nice to see the subtle gradient that comes out of me not cleaning the convertors meticulously between inks- I cycle through the same pink and blue and the purples that that makes in between the two colours, and it’s always quite pleasing. I’ll be glad to finally be sitting at my desk, too, Mondays are always sort of taxing and long.


On 31st March, the visual novel collective I’m in released 31st March, Midnight and I’ve been reading lovely comments about how much the game resonated with them. It’s a pretty bleak subject about the state of affairs of visual novels during April Fools and I wonder if it’s too gimmicky, but I’m glad folks are connecting with a lot of different parts of the game.

Seeing people who say “this is how I feel about the situation” is just kinda heartwarming is all.


I went through a whole convertor of ink while writing yesterday and today! Wowzers. Anyway, I also reshaped my nails into more of an almond shape, and repainted them my default warm gold as of late- they were mostly just squared and rounded off as of late, and the nail polish was chipping, so it was about time to refresh them. (I normally have to repaint them every week or so, but I just do two layers of colour, I don’t typically bother with proper priming or a top coat: I find the process cathartic, and I’m pretty quick at doing it nowadays.)


I finally got several weeks’ worth of laundry put away. Life has been so busy recently.

Also, I still have one last bit of Easter egg for tonight!


Holy shit, it’s rainy outside. We’re experiencing like 30mm of rain, and it’s continuing into tomorrow. I had to wade through mini rivers en route to the lab, because its downhill, and was fighting my umbrella with the wind the whole way. My backpack is completely soaked. Thankfully, my feet stayed dry- those leather boots were a good call.


I hate putting laundry away. I don’t know why I resent it so much. I don’t mind doing laundry; I just hate putting it away and will live out of the laundry bag until Tom gets cranky about it and points out that we need the laundry bag for dirty laundry.

We have a whole bevy of old friends descending on us next week for the eclipse, because we are apparently right in the sweet spot. I don’t get super excited about these things, and our whole town is very, very afraid of the onslaught of people that will come here, but I am happy that we’ll see some people we almost never get to see. The forecast is bouncing back and forth between cloudy and sunny for that day, but it’s still not hot and won’t be for the next 2 weeks. This has been an extraordinarily pleasant Spring.

And also, the baby birds are still alive. The parent birds love the fence we put around the pot with the nest in it. About 10 days to go until fledging time. Fingers crossed.


…We’re getting over 60mm of rain.

Good lord.

Well, it was a good day to wear all black, I’ll tell you what! And a real good day to have tomorrow to stay home from campus, wowzers!


It’s nice to get out of the apartment. Campus is pretty much deserted because of the inclement weather, and I feel super safe and secure tucked away into a corner- desk in front of me, a wall to my back and side, with a good view of all my peripheral exits. It always surprises me how much better I feel when I’ve got my back against something solid.


I hadn’t eaten in awhile and didn’t realize how bad off I was until I realized I felt light headed and couldn’t coordinate my hands properly to fumble open packaging, but thankfully past me had packed snacks into my backpack just in case something like this happened (because last time it had, I ended up falling down a set of stairs, and Dan was horrified, I didn’t want him to worry about me and something like that happening again so I started packing little candies and granola bars and that sort of thing.) That slapped. Pretty pleased with past me looking out for present me, and the snacks were good.


Having friends is really nice. Even if I struggle with the concept of valuing myself enough to take care of me- I’m someone who is beloved, and the people who love me would want me to take care of myself- because they care about me, and they want the best for me.

And if it’s hard to do it for myself for now, then I’m not going to turn my nose up at motivation to do so, even if it isn’t ideal. Sometimes the only reason you stay alive is because your pet betta fish needs weekly water changes, and you are the only person who will do them- because he doesn’t deserve to suffer unduly, because you love him. Sometimes it’s just having a snack because your friends would want you to, because they love you.

Life’s all over the place sometimes, but having a reason’s enough, even if it’s small.


My husband and I got our places booked for the Disney Marathon Weekend in Florida next January :smiley:

I am so excited. Running around Disney World sounds like a dream.


I’ve been pretty sick, (spent most of last night keeled over on the ground vomiting- it was pretty much one hours long prolonged session, but was split up into nine instances of bolting or hauling myself across the floor to puke- nearly double digits), but I’ve been listening to Jennette McCurdy read I’m Glad My Mom Died.

I’m not really usually much of an audiobook person, for the same reason I’m not usually much of a podcast person- I find longer form content more difficult to jump in and out of, even if I blast video essays in the background, they’re typically sectioned in a way that makes it easier for me to navigate through timestamps instead of having to pick up all of the loose narrative threads again, if I can’t dedicate several hours to painting- I can’t write while I listen to someone speak, though I can to music with lyrics: but I’ve been sick, and it’s nice to listen to her tell her own story.

I’ve also been picking through a few mobile merge style games, and I really like this post apocalyptic eco survivalist one I’ve been playing as of late, so it’s nice to have the audiobook in the background while I tap away at that or do some laundry or just get some water from the sink. Groggy. The overcast weather certainly doesn’t help. At least the city is cleaner from the recent deluge.


New handcream. It smells exactly like Glico’s strawberry chocolate, and it’s in a cute little squeezy tube that’s all pink and white and adorable. It’s a Japanese brand, Fernanda? I usually wash my hands and use a little hand sanitizer before settling in for a long writing session to avoid smudging hand oils on the page that would interrupt the flow of ink, so it’s nice to have something nice to moisturize them with afterwards.