What's one positive/neutral thing that's happened today?

I ran a half marathon in under 2 hours for the first time today. This will probably mean nothing to non-runners but it’s something I never thought I would be able to do (my first half in 2016 took me about 3 hrs 45 mins; it’s been a long journey from there, partly due to various chronic illnesses). Have spent the rest of the day eating all the chocolate in order to refuel.


Failing with panache and humor is an excellent skill to cultivate. I think real creativity is the direct offspring of failure. Art and science both grow best in soil made from the dead bodies of failures. Plus, it’s so much more fun to fail gracefully than to get all miserable about it.


It is SO good to see you on the forum!!!

Thank goodness!


Wow! That is a great accomplishment!

My daughter does marathons. She was very competitive prior to my two beautiful granddaughters.



Today my wife and I played pickleball for the first time! She never enjoyed sports in the past. She likes pickleball! Yay! (She is actually better than the old guy)

She wants to start playing!

A wonderful day!


Sťiĺl fèw spòonś. Gòod tò be bàck thoùgh!


Survived XLI years.


@Victor_Ojuel So you have birthday? Congrats to you!


Artistic explosion day.

The weather is just fantastic today, sunny and cool, so I’m gearing up to paint a mural on our well house. We have numerous outbuildings, and occasionally I paint big stuff on them. Because I’m not used to painting large, and because they’re on our property and for our personal enjoyment, I shamelessly steal from street artists I admire. Today I’ll be stealing from L7M, who is freaking brilliant.

I’ve also had an idea for some studio art percolating for a while, and I’m pretty close to trying it. I have an entire notebook full of bad sketches and expletive-ridden notes on this idea, and I see a way. Like with all new techniques, I’ll spend a ton of time and expensive material to make something awful, from which I will learn what not to to do.

And I’m feeling motivated to finish the quilt I started for Tom some months ago. I almost never make full-size quilts, but Tom was feeling wounded that I’d never made him one, so I had to do it. I’ve got almost all the blocks done, but putting together a big quilt is hard, nerve-wracking work that I haven’t felt up to doing until now.


A game I’ve been working on for two years is finally in its testing phase, almost a full month before I thought it would be! :grin:


It was super sunny today, and pretty briskly cold- but there was an abundance of city wildlife scampering around. Here are a few shots from the many I took. Happy Valentines from the meowmeows!

A chunky cute little melanistic squirrel all fluffed up and looking around for snacks and some nice leafs to use as bedding in his nest.

A very brave, unusually coloured (piebald?) pigeon. Very unusually vividly bright red feet, and dark glossy feathers. Most piebalds I’ve met are a bit more washed out if they have a lot of dark on their feathers. He was hanging out around this tree, and didn’t mind me being about a step or two away from him, he was just bobbling around it, and walking around/having fun hopping up and down from the roots.

Accidentally disrupted a double date with pigeons, apparently. Two paler birds (one with a pale, washed out variant of the red colouring, and the other basically pure white except for his spot of grey on his back wings- he’s a very friendly one and is part of the church flock, he likes to hang out with me by the bus stop) and two more normal speckled variants, one with much more prominent speckling on his wings. Really beautiful patterns.

This little dude was using the sidewalk properly, which I found hilarious. He has speckles too, but I really love the pop of red in his eyes against that black head, and he has interestingly, two pure white feather wedges in his tail, with a dark centre, which is a bit of a rarer pattern to see in the local flocks.

You can see the difference between the church flock (mostly the ones with more brown and white in their feathers) and some of the other nearby flocks (a lot of them are super speckled) that roost on the buildings. The two in the background were walking around together very industriously, and wouldn’t leave each other alone, which was cute.


That squirrel looks quite fat (or muscular). Over here the squirrels aren’t that fat afaik.

I love to see the pigeon photos because we had pigeons in my youth.


The squirrels here are all really fat. I think it’s a combination of us having very cold winters, and also them having tons of easy food around, as there are a lot of oak trees and restaurants, (plus a lot of people feed them peanuts and things like that, even though you’re not supposed to.)

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 7.09.54 PM

I adore pigeons, so I always take pictures of them when I see them in the city. The up close squirrel sightings aren’t quite as common, they’re much more skittish than the birds, but all the ones I’ve ever seen are super fat. Our area is notable for having an unusually high concentration of melanistic squirrels, so it’s always exciting when I see the normal wild variant that’re just kinda grey and brown, since they’re so rare to see here.


Had a really cute outfit for today! :grin: :tada:


Are those black squirrels?

Marysville, KS is the only place I have ever seen them. The city protects them rigorously.


They’re supposed to be Eastern Grey Squirrels, but in the city, we have an abnormally high percentage of the population with melanism, so they have black fur instead. It’s a dominant gene mutation, and some people think it helps keep them a bit warmer in our freezing and cloudy winters, which might explain why they have such a high concentration here and in Michigan, by the lake. They’re not as common if you head out to more rural or suburban-y areas, though.


I have a friend whose bday is today (valentine’s day) and for the past several years I always draw him a present of his oc, who is my blorbo. I didn’t think I’d be able to squeeze in a drawing this year because everything is happening all the time this month and I have a billion deadlines I’m procrastinating and panicking on. But I had a surprisingly slow day at work, and to continue to procrastinate, I eked out his present.


TIL blorbo! I have so many, though. I could never pick just one. What’s an oc? Googling it just gets me the TV show.

Love love love the art!


Original Character, I believe? (in fanfic or role-playing games, a character you made up vs. playing or telling stories about characters from the canon or prewritten scenario or otherwise defined in the source material)


original character is correct, it’s a character you created. not limited to fanfic or rpgs at all though