What's one positive/neutral thing that's happened today?

Those are small ones with no filling, but they’re delicious, too - still warm, and crunchy.

I’ll have some jam-filled ones later…

Today I’m NOT counting calories :smiley:


Welp, there’s the Watcher, too – I’ve now killed the heart with every class in Slay the Spire, which was once something I never thought I’d be able to do even once.

The Watcher build definitely felt the wonkiest; it’s hard to even describe what I was going for, just a lot of stance switching (Meditate was super helpful) and some Wallops and a couple Like Waters for block, Wave of the Hand to stack weak, Master Reality and Battle Hymn to get a bunch of smites for offense. I had a Fasting and Conjure Blade, but I don’t think I even got them out in the final fight, and I had a real grab-bag of relics (including two that gave me boosts for getting Curse cards, though I never came across one). But it worked!


I’m on a trip! Soon, Chinese food.

Update: had soup dumplings, curry noodle soup, among other things, plus almond cookie ice cream at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.


A lot of the mechanics are done, so I’ve started outlining the map for my SpringThing game. I currently have about a third of the map mechanically finished. No descriptions anywhere, yet. Early testers might have to deal with that, lol.


I’m on spring break and about to make it everyone’s problem. In all seriousness, while I’m enjoying some of our wintery sunshine, this is the immediate first order of business when I get home:


The IFDB awards results came out, (which, by the way, if you’d like to give Brian some feedback on how that all went, you can do so in this thread) and I snagged ‘Outstanding Horror Game of 2022’ which absolutely knocked me off my feet. There were some really good games in that category!

Also, Goncharov Girlies sweep, I’m so happy for Autumn and Jinx also scooping up some awards. Manon was super sweet in congratulating all of us, sooooo many kitty hugs.


I saw that. Congratulations. Well deserved.


I figured out how to put on buttons!


Played a quick little game and got this delightful message:

You win!
You won because Carolyn played before you and wanted you to win.
This is a real thing that happened.
And when it happens to someone else, it’ll happen because you voted for them to win.

So, thanks, Carolyn!


I was looking at my itch.io stats and noticed that Social Lycanthropy Disorder got a handful of plays via a link posted on a university’s discussion platform for online/hybrid classes. I’m really wondering how that came up in a class discussion (and what class?).


My first attempt at meal prep:


I just stumbled across the most fantastic Zosan comic on Twitter. I hoped that they might have posted it elsewhere on their Tumblr, but unfortunately, I don’t think so. The art is so good, and it’s such a sweet comic. The action pose page is incredible. Zorro’s little aside with such a smug expression (‘The God With No Back. It means when we’re together, we have no weakness. No vulnerability. We perfect each other. And everyone knows it. Everyone knows that when you call, I answer’) totally made me squee.

EDIT: They have a PDF copy available on their Kofi for pay what you’d like.


I picked up Vendetta to play, after waffling around for awhile on scooping it up because I have a little pea brain attention span most of the time: bro, I’m like having so many emotions about the opening. I mean, come ON.

But your father immediately cuts him off, “No, Luka. This is our best bet. I’m not having this conversation again.” He turns back to you and suddenly carries you up in his arms and hugs you tightly; he nuzzles against you, and you can feel his short stubble scratching your cheeks. “I love you so, so much, my little sunshine. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” he whispers hoarsely.
He kisses your brow gently and you feel your heart clenches painfully. You want to say that you love him back and tell him not to leave you, but nothing comes out of your mouth but sobs. So, you hug him back as hard as you can, your little hands clutching onto his shirt tightly, not wanting to ever let go.
The moment is broken when your uncle taps your father’s shoulder. “Viktor, we’ll have to do it now or there’ll be no other chance.”
Your father reluctantly puts you down and ruffles your hair affectionately. His brown eyes glisten in the dim light with unshed tears as he looks at you one last time.

I love father-daughter interactions in media and this is SO SAD because right from the game’s description you know what’s going to happen to him. :sob: Having a good time playing though even if I’m a weepy little rug rat.

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Also pinkunz got home safe! That’s a bright spot in today. The Campfire meows were all very concerned when we heard the news, so shout out to the nice random meowmeow who drove him back to his place, it looked so scary in the dark shot he shared.


I binged most of Vendetta in a single sitting and I’d read more, only I have to go to bed! I’ve been liveblogging it to the Goncharov Girlies. Having a blast. It makes me think about my own superpowers/mafia AU and associated characters- my main little guys. I wanna stay up and read more!! But I’ll be responsible and head to bed, haha.

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 1.34.23 AM


SUNLIGHT! Sunlight! My professor mentioned that experiencing the first blast of sunlight after our dreary winter would make us perk up like buttercups but SUNLIGHT! The sky is crisp blue and the light is bright and white and it’s terribly cold and excellent walking weather and I’m deliriously happy.

Also, I’ve been sleeping better. I’ve been snuggling one of my plush bunnies to bed (he’s a grey Jellycat bashful bunny) and wrapping myself up really tight like a babycat blanket burrito and it’s been helping with the nightmares and night terrors and occasional waking up screamings. Kittens know what’s up!


Tiny kitties are good for a positive day!


Finally finished up the game that I started last night! The Goncharov Girlies are now free of the hell that is me liveblogging the experience to them, interspersed with quotes and little kitty GIFs. Total playtime was about 5 hours or so? Totally worth it. Can’t wait to see the rest of it released, since it was a demo… Uncle Luka is my favourite little meowmeow from the game, but Ash is sooooooooo cute.


My niece and I played around with Inklewriter so she can start making some games. She has written hundreds of pages of novels (regrettably this was mostly Warrior Cats fanfic for years, but recently she has made her own very complex fantasy world), a musical based on her fantasy world, and hundreds of illustrations. And she wants to turn all this into a game, too. We had a really fun time co-writing a little test game and she’s really excited about writing IF. Thanks to @JoshGrams for the advice to go with Inklewriter-- it’s perfect for a youngster just getting started.


Nuri the kitten is one of my favourite channels on Youtube, and a friend of mine has recently gotten really into watching and sharing the video of his they’re watching of the day with us too, it’s very endearing. I’ve been pretty sleepy lately, but trying to stave it off to get some writing done- Nuri is very relatable in this video!