What's one positive/neutral thing that's happened today?

Dr. Seuss had limits to the number of distinct words he could use, not the volume though. I think these kinds of limits really push creativity. Love it, Manon!

Maybe your game needs a one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish treatment? :wink:


Hahhahaha no :stuck_out_tongue:
Im a purple prose gal :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, I think I’ll be at 3k max for words with what is planned? The description themselves are not that long (2-3 sentences max), but there are quite a few actions/alternatives… So it adds up quickly.


I have laughed long and heartily just now.

I read in the neswpaper that during his coronation, Charles will be planting his royal bum on the “Stone of Destiny”, also know as the “Stone of Scone”!

I had no idea Pratchett’s toothbreakingly dry and hard baked product that doubles as the Dwarven honorary Throne “the Scone of Stone” was based on a real thing!


I rely on my iOS notifications app for a lot of things - mail the rent check, pay this bill, put the trash out… Just this past week, I figured out that I can make locational based reminders… :open_mouth: I can tell it to pop up a reminder only when I’m near a specific location - so like if I need cash, I can put in a reminder to hit that ATM with no fee when I’m near the grocery store or “Remember to ask my friend if I can borrow the rake” when I’m at his house. There’s even an option for “when getting into/out of the car” that cues the reminder when the phone pairs to my car stereo, so I can remind myself to grab the umbrella I keep leaving in the back seat or empty the car’s trash bin when I’m at the gas station.


Second trips are for babies. I managed to haul up seven bags up 6 flights of stairs in one go. Hurray! (And there’s some lovely fresh coffee out of the whole ordeal, and something that’s flavoured like melon and cream for soda…)


Jinx’s launched the page for the Anti-Romance Jam, running from May 14th to July 14th. I’m definitely planning on making something for it, and super excited! Her sense of style is impeccable, and I’m always so proud of my little meowmeow furriends when they make cool things. Lots of love to her. Look- there’s even a gorgeous (optional) colour palette.

She’s been tossing around the idea of putting this together for awhile now, so it’s awesome to see it realized!


Yes: I have learned to buy just the right amount that I can carry using a plastic shopping basket and a padded carabiner designed to hook multiple plastic grocery bags together so you can take a lot of weight without cutting your fingers off. If I do have to make two trips (usually due to a carton of water or soda that can’t be hooked on my fingers or extra-large non grocery items) I will move the car up the hill and around back where I don’t usually park to save climbing steps.


Usually one of the granny carts would be serviceable to haul it up, but the black one’s frame was already a bit dented and I didn’t want to risk it all spilling everywhere or damaging some of the squishier items inside, so I just scooped it up and held it like you might hold a person before barrelling up the stairs.

I can’t carry awkwardly shaped things in my arms that are heavier than 40 pounds for prolonged periods of time, (if the weight is distributed better in a more uniform size, or it’s got straps or something it’s easier, but the cart is bigger than I am) so while I could lift it just fine, duration wise it was a race against the clock. Made it in the end, even if I had a giggle about being the heavy breathing villain in an atmospheric horror game after sprinting.

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These things will save your fingers if you’re a “gotta carry every bag in one trip” trouper like me:



I have now a lot to read next… on top of my Sci-Fi haul from a few weeks back (I was reading The Big Book of Science Fiction until now, over 1k pages double columns… it took me almost three months to finish it). This is an exciting time :smiley:

EDIT: I do recommend the volume btw. It has such a wide variety of authors and perspective on Sci-Fi, from its early stages until the early 2000s. Some short stories I didn’t vibe with, some broke my heart.
Also thanks to my local library for letting me renew the book a bagillion time because it was so huge…


Big day today! Got the Anti-Romance Jam page up and running on itch, spread the word on tumblr, had a great virtual TTRPG session in which my character went through some dreadful character development (she’s becoming a better person in some ways and much worse in others, mostly through being tossed about in other people’s schemes, which is very entertaining to play out with my group), and enjoyed some fresh seafood pancakes.


You guys don’t use special backpack for groceries? There’s a model that’s foldable into pocket.

I still breathe.

The people I love are still alive.

Sometimes, it’s the little things.


So yesterday, I’m at home and Tom’s at the studio (a few minutes walk away) and he calls me and says, “get some nuts and run here now” and hangs up. This is unusual, but he must have a reason, right?

So I get some cashews and run to the studio and holy crap, there is a GIANT military macaw on the roof of our shed, peering down at us. So we get the ladder and give this parrot cashews and water, but he won’t come down. And we’re really worried because we have lots of hawks and snakes and this bird is obviously someone’s scared pet (although shame on them, because these birds are almost extinct in the wild partly because of bird trafficking). So we call our neighbors, who are this 75-year-old couple who are heavy into animal rescue (they are also retired firefighters and told us all the stories about the meth labs that were on our property decades ago that blew up), and within half an hour they’ve found the owner, who comes and gets the bird in a net.

And I was like, that was a textbook parrot removal.

It’s nice to be reminded of this. My Mom’s brain is rotting, but we saw a horse yesterday and she was so excited and happy that she nearly passed out, and it was great.


I moseyed on over to the page linked since it was such an intriguing sort of name for a birdie, and read the “Calls are deep, throaty roars that carry long distances,” bit. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but my god, I think if I heard one of those little guys yelling (especially at night) I’d lose my shit thinking I was stuck in a horror movie because it sounds oddly like a person saying ‘AH’ or ‘HAH’ with a weird gurgling rasp and aggressive tone.

Everyday you learn something new! Birds with terrifying voices walk (er, fly?) among us.


Getting back into the groove of using my diary- the sage green one I got as a Christmas gift.

I’ve kind of let it fall by the wayside, but it’s really cathartic and a nice way to start off the day with some morning pages to sort of thunk out all the congested thoughts and ramblings my mind accrues silently in the background like the bazillions of tabs some people keep open. Helpful for sifting through what to share and what not to in conversations, but it’s also just nice to be a little more aware of time’s passage. I should dig out my highlighters to mark up the dates though, the block of text style rambling is fun, but a bit hard to distinguish since I sometimes don’t write to the end of pages.

Also keeping a pixel-by-day tracker of working on Beloved with a little colour code that’ll look real neat once I’ve filled in enough days for it to really be stackable. I split it into ‘days I don’t work on it’ and then a colour for when I work on it traditionally in the notebook and digital (mostly CSS stuff, but also futzing around with actually transcribing.)

And swirling one of my OCs in the mental whirlpool of ideas for the Anti-Romance jam. I think I might work on my entry for that one first, since it’s the one that’s got the most mind space. It’s raining all week, so I have a wicked migraine, (and will for the rest of the week) but writing by hand helps a little with the unrelenting nausea and dizziness and mental fog and temple pain- no screens, and my paper is creamier, rather than being stark printer-paper-white. I do want to mess around with the colour scheme in some Twine CSS though…


If I were walking to the store (like in NYC shopping at a bodega down the block) and had to lug everything I would definitely consider something like this and shop accordingly. Maybe using a backpack in conjunction with a wheeled grocery cart.


Successfully pulled off Jenga with the fridge to stick a huge bottle of cold water in there for one of the meowmeows in the household who had their wisdom teeth yoinked. Also made up a cup of tea (brewed long enough to meet their preference in bitterness and strength, but also to cool properly without dilution, they’re not supposed to have hot drinks) and blitzed some vegetables into a puree for them. And some minor laundry and dishes!

The Jenga bit in the fridge is the most exciting part though, that’s harder than you’d expect.


Lol, I would call it Tetris-ing the fridge :stuck_out_tongue: And it is always exciting when everything fits!!


Hubs sometimes sends me funny things of what happens in class. Today is his last class of the semester… and the best class update I’ve received so far: