what system am I thinking of?

A very abashed request…

A week or so ago, I read, somewhere, a discussion of relative merits of a hyperfiction authoring system named, if memory serves correct, something similar to (but not) “AXUM”. I recall that its demo story (played locally or remotely, I don’t recall) eventually involved dinosaurs and had multimedia support, as I discovered my computer unexpectedly growling at me. I dashed off to procure some material pertaining to my favorite public domain work of fiction and decided I’d give it the “Frankenstein” treatment to put the system through its paces, and by the time I returned I’d forgotten completely what it was called. A search of likely locations on my computer yielded nothing useful, plus I couldn’t find any relevant discussions here or on the newsgroups. (But where else would I have seen it?)

The only additional context I have to provide is that I recall discussion of its restrictive user license, which forbade users from altering the HTML it generated.

I don’t know if this matches everything you describe, but are you thinking of sm.axmasoft.com/en/ ?

That’s uncanny! Beyond the shadow of a doubt that’s it. A million thanks for keeping me from concluding I’d lost my marbles (rather, I had merely put them somewhere safe and lost track of where exactly that was.)