What is the maximum file size for I7?

Hey all,

so i just discovered that appearantly inform 6 (not sure about 7) has a file size limit, now this made me a little worried since my current project is pretty big and atm 1073kB.
I read somewhere that the limit was 512kB and that the more code you run the slower the engine will get (makes sense, but my current code didn’t seem like a big deal), which in turn just made me even more worried since i have a pretty decent desktop and that it might run slow on other desktops. My relevant specs are i7-4771 3.5 Ghz (8 Cpu’s) and 14gb ram.
Currently i only have 40-50 rooms going on, but i was thinking of an end goal of atleast 200.

should i be worried? or was these problems just years ago with the Inform 6?


This was an issue, not with the languages, but with the formats they compiled to. The z-machine format had a pretty restrictive file size limit. Now Inform 7 compiles to Glulx by default, and the file size limit for Glulx is so large it’s basically impossible to hit (there have been projects with millions of words of source code that don’t hit the limit).

In short: Don’t worry.

the relief is real man, ty for the answer :slight_smile: