What is the intended use case for new individual property directive?

The 6.36 release notes say:

It is now possible to declare an individual property with the Property directive:

  Property individual propname;

What is the intended use case for this feature? Would the author not still be required to declare the property as part of any object that makes use of that individual property? And if so, wouldn’t the compilation result be the same?

See feature request from fredrikr: Declare an individual property · Issue #126 · DavidKinder/Inform6 · GitHub

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Interesting. It looks like the net effect would be to bind the property name to an individual property identifier during compilation, so that the compiler would OK routines that make use of that property even if no object incorporates them? And also that any previous declaration of the same property name as being a common property takes precedence?

Thank you, zarf.


No, you can’t define a property twice.

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