What is the generally accepted format for testing?

Hi folks! I am nearing completion of a IF story, and pretty soon would love some feedback on it. What is the preferred format that appeals to most players and testers?

Browsing the “announcements and beta testing” sub-forum, I see most of the requests are for Twine games, hosted on IFDB or released to browser-playable sites. But what if you want to test a bit before considering those options? Is it good or bad form posting unfinished or untested works to IFDB?

My game is written for Inform 7. I would assume a .z8 build would suffice, but do some people prefer the source (which is already on GitHub)?


It’s not usual to give testers access to the source code. (Although if it’s already in a public repository, sure, they can look.)

I think IFDB is meant for finished and released works. If you want to do testing before that, have people contact you and send them a file or an unpublicized URL.