What IF Work Would Be Good For A Tutorial Video?

Hi. Based on the current conversation re: tutorials. I thought I would try my hand at making a “How To Play IF” video. I’m definitely not trying to solve any problems with this, rather it’s just for shits-n-giggles (as the kids say).

So, what works come to mind that might be good for such a vid? I was thinking Anchorhead because it seems to be a “gateway” work of IF. But there might be better out there.

Any thoughts are welcome! :sunglasses:

Maybe something newbie friendly so that after watching the intro video, they can go play it themselves, and not have too difficult a time. Lost Pig?

Yeah, Lost Pig is a good one. :sunglasses:

Lost Pig is a really good choice.

Lost Pig is suitable for pretty much any audience, is very robustly made, and operates within very standard IF mechanics while having its own distinctive interest. Anchorhead is a fine game, but I wouldn’t make it the first game I showed anyone, for much the same reason that I wouldn’t use Varicella or Vespers.

Yes, it’s looking like Lost Pig will be it. Not sure when I will get started. But it’s on the drawing board. :sunglasses:

Let’s just give your audience ‘Curses’ to watch. :wink: