What files must be updated for an uploaded game?

Hello again.

Thank you very much to everyone for chipping in with solutions to my struggles. I’ve managed to “finish” the game and have successfully uploaded it and it is playable.

Of course, once it hits a different medium, you start to see errors that the familiarity with the two-pane view rendered invisible.

I’m going back and fixing issues and spelling mistakes, that sort of thing, and I wanted to check that the files I need to update are the gblorb, play and index files.

For future reference, are there any things I could change that would necessitate anything else needing to be updates (art etc. aside)?

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From what I recall, if you “release along with an interpreter and a website” it will produce an entire folder, and everything in there is data for the site - the website is index.html and there’s files for the interpreter to run in-browser.

I’d probably replace everything on update for caution’s sake, but I suspect as long as you’re not changing media assets that you might just need to replace the gblorb? I don’t know if the interpreter files stand alone or are customized to your game.


The interpreter files stand alone, except for Game.gblorb.js, which is an encoded version of Game.gblorb and must be updated.


Thank you @HanonO and @zarf. Perfect.

Ordinarily I use an ftp for uploading and do the entire folder but in some locations ftp’s not possible. When you have to do one at a time this is helpful to know.

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