What ever happened to Poets in Peril?

A while back (okay, three years ago), Poets in Peril was announced as an upcoming Textfyre game, written by Sarah Morayati (the author of Broken Legs). It was apparently to be “A historical fiction game based in 1822 Europe about the lives of Mary and Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, Claire Clairmont, and John Keats.”

This is such a great setting idea. What happened?

Just noticed the textfyre.com domain appears to have expired…

Oops. My billing info had changed and I somehow missed that. Domain is renewed and all is well.

As to Poets in Peril, I had a loose agreement with Sarah. She had begun to work on it but as happens when no one is paying you, real life intervenes. As is noted on the blog, Textfyre has never really had any funds to support itself. It’s a miracle that we were able to get Secret Letter, Shadow published, and most of Empath’s Gift coded before things took a turn for the worse. I still have fleeting hopes of getting Empath’s Gift completed and sequels to out for Secret Letter and Shadow, but it’s just taking time.

I’ve pushed Textfyre more towards a classroom curriculum software as a service model, so that’s put a damper on fictional content for the moment.

I’m also working on a few other things to just bring money in the door.

David C.