What do you guys think of this?


Yes, I’m still around.
No, not as productive as before.

To credit all the assistance I get for making my stuff work I devised this image to show at the start of a game.


What do you think? Yes, that is the site’s icon made huge which is easy because it’s blocky anyway so that works out swell.

Let me know.

I don’t think I’ve succeeded in assisting you with anything. Actually, I think I told you I didn’t want you to make a menu that is powered by a cursor that a person must tediously move around, and you strongly implied I should rack off. In this light, the idea that I could receive generalised thanks from you via anonymous players reading this sign every time they fire up your latest game sounds great.

However, I’m pretty snobby these days about being associated with unnecessarily non-anti-aliased text. I’m all for your sign if you’re all for it, but I want the text to look less crap. An advantage of the microscopically poor going on non-existent relationship we’ve had to date is that I feel I can speak freely on your font work.


Clearly, you’re not a good person. Says so in the text.

WesLesley, I find this is reminiscent of the whole thing about removing the authorial modesty in extensions. It’s great that you want to credit everyone who helps you. But in that case, why not just… you know… credit everyone who helps you? Instead of placing a big banner that includes way more people than you mean?

The sentiment is good, really good. But wouldn’t it be more fitting to have a bit in the credits saying something like, “Special thanks to everyone in the IntFiction forums who helped me when I pestered them, you guys rock”?

Consider: a lot of games take the time to give a special thanks to Graham Nelson, for good reason. I have yet, though, to see a game featuring a photograph of his and directly thanking him for his assistance. :slight_smile:

I kinda saw the lack of anti-alias as something aiming at being “retro”. Always hard to tell bugs and features apart.

Well I’ve yet to publish any of that stuff so how can you say you’ve not assisted me yet?* I merely wished to indicate in the other thread that I can’t let go of things and I had to get the menu to work. And it works now. It’s also optional because (see next pointer).

  • The menu has one-button choosing (like pressing S for Start new game), conform your desire for a buttonpress-to-choose. Which is how I understood it. I don’t want to leave out people who like cursors, like the people I want to make stories for. If I can give them something they like without having to give up any of my own integrity, I should. It’s the right thing to do. [size=50]Also, calling it now: something in this paragraph is going to bite me in the ass because I suck at expressing myself correctly.[/size]
  • I request input on this idea before I actually go and implement it. That’s what the poll is for. The opinions of the people here hold value to me.
  • You should always feel free to speak freely to me. To be honest, if you don’t feel like you can speak freely to me … I can’t respect you. Why would I ask for opinions/advice if all I’m after is a “yeah sure why the f-ck not”?
  • The image at this time is a mock-up. I’m not gonna bother with something anymore if it’s not going to work out. Like all my beautiful ascii art… sniff

But most importantly [size=200]I apologize for upsetting you, Wade.[/size][size=150] It was not my intention and I did not realize this before. I am not an intelligent person.[/size]

You get a list too.* I’m respecting authorial modesty. Not because I want to. But because I believe you have valid reasons even if I don’t agree with them. Agreeing with anyone and being right or wrong are completely separate. I must remember that by disagreeing with you it could be me that’s wrong. #science

  • Is crediting Graham Nelson mandatory? Serious question. I’m more of a practical thinker. To come back to the first point, unless I got a bit of tailor-made code from PERSON X, that person isn’t getting credited unless I’m using one of their extensions and they’re not doing the whole authorial modesty thing. Without doing the whole “beta testing” thing too because that’s not relevant to the point I’m trying to make here, of course you’re gonna credit a tester. Everyone knows that. That’s like spelling out it’s wrong to kick puppies. … Where was I?
  • Would it be better to use the banner in the credits just before I start rattling off the people who helped?

Nope. It’s not intentional. But as things are going right now the image is looking forward to being taken out back and shot.

Oh joy! :smiley:

Yes, I remember that was the outcome. I’m just making a comparison.

Not at all. But a number of people have a Special Thanks section in their credits, and Graham usually ends up being there. Not mandatory, just people being grateful that he created this great system and keeps it in development.

I think maybe it’s just the wording. “Made with the assistance” is a bit off. This wasn’t a group effort, this is your baby and some people around here were glad to help out as you went along. Embrace that. :slight_smile: We’re happy that you feel so thankful, just don’t go overboard!

Personally, I would find that to be better, yes.

EDIT - Bah, I’ve been wondering whether to say this or not, but since I usually say everything I’m thinking I might as well:

The banner image is functional, practical. It works as a thing to put at the top-left corner of this forum, to visually indicate what this forum is about. In a banner in a game prefacing credits… I can’t see it looking anything other than… well, dull and uninteresting. Athough, thumbs up for making the text so in style with the graphic.

I’m almost tempted to say that a brass lantern would be more interesting, but I think this discussion was had when the forum’s logo was chosen. :slight_smile:

… I don’t understand.

Maybe crediting in the sense of “made with Inform 7” then?

That’s exactly what it should be and what I like.

That wasn’t intentional. This is merely a mock-up.

Brass lantern?

A brass lantern is often seen as an unofficial symbol of IF, since it was the first and most important item in Adventure and Zork.

I think it would be annoying.


Hi Wes,

Don’t worry, we have no real problems. We don’t even have unreal problems! In my first post in this thread I was trying to be funny to please myself, as well as communicate with you, but on the internet, humour is constantly in peril of not being read the way the author hoped, and it happened here. I am definitely not upset about the menu-cursor thing. Maybe one day our posts will help each other’s projects; I was just joking that that hasn’t happened yet, so I felt like it was a bonus that I could get credit from your sign.


You know, with the colors and placement, it almost looks like what we would have if games had an official ratings seal. “This Game is Rated IF for being both fiction and interactive…”

This Wes Lesley game by Wes Lesley has been rated Wes Lesley for Wes Lesley. #EdBalls

Okay so. [size=200]Taking it out back and shooting it, it is![/size] Good I didn’t spend too much time on it.

I’m open to alternate suggestions for this thing.

Also, ratings doesn’t sound too bad - I was thinking of doing that but aside from things from ESRB and the like I can’t find anything decent-looking.

I would love to rate a game R for “… Really?!” or “Revolting”. [size=1]Hell, I’d even go for “Rectangular”.[/size]