What do people think about adding a favicon?

This is not really an important suggestion, but I think it might be cool if the forum had a “favicon”. So I’d like to know whether other people would consider that a good idea. I’m talking about the little icon that appears next to a web site’s name in the browser bookmarks.

The reason for my proposal is that I often check the forum’s RSS feed via the Firefox bookmarks toolbar (below the navigation & URL bar). Clicking on the button in the bookmarks toolbar opens a dropdown list with the titles of the most recent posts. Next to the titles, Firefox displays the default RSS bookmark icon. Now, if the forum had a favicon, then that favicon would be shown there for those posts which I would already have visited with the browser. For unvisited posts, there’d be the browser’s default icon. So I could see at a glance whether there were new posts.

I’m not familiar with phpbb, but the configuration doesn’t seem very complicated (explanation on the phpbb site).

Obviously, we’d also need an appropriate icon. I played around a bit on favicon.cc and made three [edit: five] rather… well, let’s say minimalist designs. :slight_smile: (See below.) There’s also the possibility of converting an image to an icon.

So, what do you think about this? And most importantly, what does Merk think?







I like D. :slight_smile:


D for me as well.

I like E if the box was squished down a bit.

I don’t use RSS feeds myself, but if I did, I would prefer D.

I like E best, with D as a close runner-up.

I like D – it stands out. I don’t mind adding one to the forum folder. I’ll try to do it later today.

I added it, but it appears to have not worked. Odd, because I’ve put a favicon on some of my other sites without a problem. I’ll have to investigate.

My experience with those things it that they sometimes take days to filter into one’s browser. The fedex icon, for example, tends to come and go in my browser like a summer guest.

Maybe move it to intfiction.org/favicon.ico

Oddly enough (or perhaps not so oddly if I knew what the heck I was doing), that seems to have worked.

I can confirm this works in Firefox under win7. I dl’d the icon from the link above and after restarting my browser, the favicon was automagically associated with the site in the url box, bookmarks list, and tab headings. This is despite the fact that I definitely don’t know what I’m doing and didn’t even know what a favicon was (or more precisely, that it was called that). :slight_smile:
Thanks y’all!

hey, it just lit up in Chrome all on its own.

Also: sweeeet! (and thanks, Merk)

I downloaded the icon, and then I dragged it to the Firefox bookmark toolbar next to IntFiction, just trying anything for it to work. I have no idea how or why, but work it did, it’s showing up and it’s spiffy!