What do I do when the compiler fails?

I’ve just installed Inform on my laptop but it gives a compiler error (error 2) regardless of what the project is or where it’s saved. There’s enough space and no permissions problems (as far as I know). What should I do?

Is this on Windows, Mac or Linux? What is the exact text of the error message? If you go to the Progress section of the Errors panel, what does it say there?

Sorry, how platform myopic of me. It’s on Windows 7 and the text of the error is this:

I can’t look up the third thing because I don’t have the laptop on hand.

Depends on how you copied it and how you’re trying to access it and how the machines are set up. What happens if you try to open the .ni file in something like notepad? I know you can’t do anything with it, but just to give you a Windows specific explanation of what the problem may be.

Windows 7 tends to be fussy about letting apps write to the Program Files (x86) directory. If you’re attempting to save your project to a folder in that directory, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see that kind of error.

Have you created a folder called (for instance) Inform Projects in My Documents? If you haven’t yet done that, you should definitely try it.

As it’s a Windows problem it’s definitely my area, but I think we will need the text from the “Progress” section to (hopefully) figure out what’s not working.

Please report this text before trying any other suggestions - I would like to know what the root cause of the problem is, so that if it’s likely to affect anyone else, it can be fixed properly in Inform.

OK, I’ll have a look when my laptop and I are reunited. (I left it behind because I couldn’t get inform to run :angry: )