What are you reading?

I literally just finished Jeff Shaara’s The Rising Tide, the first in his World War II series. I feel this sort of historical novel fills in gaps in my education, and he really makes figures like Eisenhower and Rommel come alive.

For recent very political fantasy, The Traitor Baru Cormorant was excellent. Also City of Stairs and City of Blades.

I’m reading The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn: One More Last Rite for the Detective Genre by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

I enjoyed City of Stairs and City of Blades as well. I think Bennett’s early books, especially Mr. Shivers and The Company Man, are probably his best, though.

As for my reading …

There Must Be Evil: The Life and Murderous Career of Elizabeth Berry by Bernard Taylor – Berry was a nurse in 19th century England who killed her daughter and probably other members of her family as well.

Parasite by Mira Grant – A genetically-engineered parasite cures disease but with some unusual side effects.

And recently finished …

The Infection by Craig DiLouie – Another book about zombies; about as exciting as I make it sound. I do recommend DiLouie’s award-winning Suffer the Children, if you are looking for an entertaining vampire story.

Orphans of Wonderland by Greg Gifune – A group of friends reunite to investigate a death and learn the truth about their childhood. (Hint: Wonderland=Area 51.)

Canary by Duane Swierczynski – A college freshman becomes an informant for the drug trade. This was nominated for a Poe award.

A God of Hungry Walls by Garrett Cook – A haunted house story narrated by the house. Much more weird than it sounds.