What are you listening to?

I’m shocked Deftones isn’t more known for this song: Xerces
I didn’t put the YouTube because the cover to the album is a little NSFW, but nothing too much.

Oh, and I’ve been listening to the Matilda the Musical (play) soundtrack. It’s pretty good. (I watched the play as part of a mandatory thing, and I have to say nobody will regret watching it, no matter their age.)


Wow! Great find, Max! You da man!


Dark Dice (from Fool & Scholar). I just got to the second episode of season two where actor Jeff Goldblum joins the cast. Dark Dice is an actual play D&D based audio drama and Fool & Scholar are an independant husband and wife audio drama production company. I’ve no idea how they managed to get a famous actor like Jeff Goldblum to join the cast.

(Edit, apparently I can’t spell Goldblum).

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Every year on April 1st, our more alternative/youth radio station (Studio Brussel) lets its listeners vote for The Heaviest List.
The 66 most requested metal, hardrock, and other heavy guitars.

This Belgian band is on n°2. Amenra with A Solitary Reign

(Metallica has built a moat around first place a few years ago with Master of Puppets, and they are not intending to move for the next couple of years.)


Thanks, man! I’m always on the hunt for great tunes!

Heaviest guitar sound I’ve heard that’s actually “easy listening” is probably Windhand…

If you liked that one, check out → Windhand - Orchard


Project Pitchfork just released a new album.

So here’s my thing with this group…

They’re excellent but their later stuff is way too formulaic. However, the other weird thing is their later stuff is really good, genuinely, but the last five albums they’ve put out could be sent through a sorter to create a gem of a compilation album. This is because the last five albums have what seems like five or six variations of the same ten or fifteen songs, and we could pick the best of these similarity clusters.

And the versions that didn’t get picked wouldn’t be fairly labeled as bad or anything, but the resulting album would be like “here’s what the recent efforts have been zeroing in on”.

It also feels like a lot of recent songs are like… lyrically something that could have posted as just text, and then an instrumental of a previous song was remixed or repurposed for those lyrics. So a lot of these clusters come down to “the instrumental is really similar across these variations, so which lyrics do you find more impactful?”

It just feels like the first half of their discography was full of a lot of really fascinating experiments (and this isn’t nostalgia talking, because I didn’t grow up with them). After this, their second half was when they polished these experiments into a formula. The sound design and mixing is way better than the first half, but it came at the cost of unique identities for each song.

They seem to be pulling out if this a bit with their latest album, but it’s still in the same territory for now.


There are so many good unknown songs - like this song, which isn’t even on YouTube. But it’s on Spotify: Truth, by Alex West.
(I think it’s a cover, but I certainly like it. It’s light, for one, and personally, I think his best.)
One song that’s also less known (I think), but also pretty good, is Grace, by Jeff Buckley.
I’m honestly shocked that The Bends, by Radiohead (the song, not the album) is very unknown, to that matter. It’s pretty good!

For those heavier rock fans, I’m into Scentless Apprentice (Live version), by Nirvana.
Less heavy, but still rock, is Permanent Daylight, by Radiohead. (Fun fact: I found out about this one listening to tracks for my IFComp revirew (I chose one RH song per game), and this one was put for Trail Stash (which now looking back at it, is not a good match).


I was delightfully introduced to this today:


Been listening to more of them recently and I’m pretty much a fan at this point. Furthermore, they released a new EP, which while only 2 of these songs, Dance Class (probably my favorite maybe) and Premier Inn are actually brand new releases, they are all still bops.


Cowboy Carter by Beyoncé. I’m not a fan of country music, nor specifically of her except I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen her do - she’s never given a bad performance anywhere.

My god, this is so good. Cowboy Carter is practically a PhD thesis or TEDtalk about music and Beyoncés influences.


I really like that song you found. Can’t stop listening to it! So good! :slight_smile:

Something somewhat similar is the excellent…

Faces In Disguise - Sunny Day Real Estate

Fun Fact: The bassist and drummer from Sunny Day Real Estate was with the Foo Fighters’ first album tours. Grohl recorded everything himself, but needed a band to do live shows. There’s an interesting story if you follow that relationship; not all sunshine and rainbows, unfortunately.


Pulled up a song from the depths of my playlist. :3


The Sprouting (a post-apocalyptic eldritch horror TTRPG based audio drama where the plants have taken over and humans struggle to survive).


About a year ago I had this album on loop for about a month straight, while doing wild amounts of bugfixing.

Put it on at random, and was suddenly pulled back to those moments.


And on the complete other end of the spectrum…

This entire album is so good. It just absolutely tosses you about like wreckage during reentry.


Slipping back to the 90’s… hope I don’t break a hip.

Surefire - Econoline Crush

Devil You Know - Econoline Crush

Burnt - Econoline Crush


If you have a pulse, you must listen to this…


I’ve been exploring https://radiooooo.com/, which lets you select a country and a decade and then plays you a random assortment of music. (You can’t pick genres, but you can tell it to give you music that’s “slow”, “fast”, and/or “weird”.) I did '80s Iceland this morning and now I’m on '60s Japan.


Been jamming out to a new Glass Animals song, which is just as good as any of their other tracks, awesome to dance around and sing to. Also, totally a Balisongsters ship song. We’re writing them in a happier AU for the Brackwood Academy campaign, but in most others it’s very Nikolai and Andrey.

What do you think about when you think about love?
I’m dumbstruck when you’re tender, but it’s
Three in the morning, be in the moment
Here in a moment, free in a moment

It tears through my head, does it haunt you too?
Diamonds in the dark in your old bedroom
You held me like my mother made me just for you
Held me so close that I broke in two
It tears through my head, does it haunt you too?
Never really said that I loved you, too
Lucky, lucky you, 'cause I’m fortune’s fool
Such small words but they hit so huge

I don’t think I realize
Just how much I miss you sometimes
We were young and so in love
We were just creatures in heaven



I remember playing the heck out of this album. I think you might get a kick out of this song. :slight_smile:

Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats

Another great song from them was Rock This Town.