What Am I missing? [SOLVED]

Hello All,

I’ve run in to a situation where I just can’t seem to figure out the manual. I have an NPC that is not talkative, but I’ve been unable to get compile properly.

Before talking to the skeleton:
	say "That undead creature isn't in the mood to talking. Though it doesn't look possible if it really wanted too."

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks!

“Talking” isn’t a standard action. If you want the game to understand >TALK TO SKELETON, you’ll have to define a new action. See 12.7. New actions.

Ahhh. It needs to be a new action. That makes sense. Thanks a lot, maga!

There are, however, several standard actions that imply talking, such as “asking it about”, “asking it for”, “answering it that” and “telling it about”, which can be triggered by commands such as “ask skeleton about the key”, “skeleton, hello”, “ask skeleton for key” or “tell skeleton about key”.

Then there are also the generic “saying yes”, “saying no” and “saying sorry” actions, corresponding to the verbs “yes”, “no” and “sorry”, and the whole persuasion system triggered by commands like “skeleton, give me the key” or “skeleton, go north”.

For some ideas on how to handle all these options (and various other things the player might type), you may want to take a look at Chapter 7.6. “Getting Started with Conversation” (and the two chapters following it) in The Inform Recipe Book.

Thank you! I had been trying to find that and I forgot about the recipe book. Spent most of my time in the manual.