WHat am I doing wrong? - help requested in room description

Can anyone help me with this?

In a series of room descriptions some are not working…

mcapt is a room.
The printed name of the mcapt is Cabin.

"This cabin was once occupied by the captain of the ship. Most of the contents have been washed away, and all that remains is driftwood. To the southwest is an opening leading to the deck, and a hole in the floor leads downwards to the galley. ".

the above looks exaqctly the same to me as all the others but when I compile i get he following:

Problem. You wrote '".

mcapt is a room. The printed na […] apt is Cabin.

The description is " This cabin was occupied by the captain of the ship’ : again, assertions about the initial state of play must be given in the present tense.

This is one example - there are several others in the same series adn I can not see what’s wrong!

The printed name needs to be text, i.e. between quotation marks. Without those Inform gets confused as to the meaning of the room description following it.

In general you don’t need to worry about printed names of rooms, you can just say “The Cabin is a room”.

The best use for “printed name of” a room is when you want to name it something confusing to the parser, like “Northwest of the West Wing”

Or if you’ve written a bunch of code that refers to mcapt and you don’t want to edit it.

Sure, though I’d argue a global find-and-replace should be easy enough and improve legibility, in that case.

Thanks Draconis - all working now - and there are reasons for using the printed name, which I wont go into, but are integral to the plot