We've got Glulx running on Android, finally.

If you have rooted a droid phone, I can confirm that you can (relatively) easily cross-compile git with glkterm for android, and even jailbroken iOS. Just popping by to say that…

Just realized I bumped egreigiously. Sorry bout that.

This is a topic worth bumping. :slight_smile: Anything that has to do with more platforms running more interpreters is worth bumping.

Thanks for making me feel better :\

Anyway, once I can confirm that it works on a real android device (i’m using an emulator) and at a decent speed, I can post some git binaries.

Hi. I’m also writing an Android interpreter, with an emphasis on using speech recognition as the main interface. Here’s a screenshot:

The code is at https://github.com/qpliu/incant.

Well I hope you can cooperate!

Okay, I got it to compile and run on an emulated android device. Don’t use the install scripts, though - apparently they are unsafe and the system root is read-only on android phones. Put them in a home directory instead.

Here’s a video of playing Six on Android: youtu.be/D6i7c7jdV4Q

Due to my board laziness, I missed this response until now, and feel I should clarify even belatedly that I don’t feel my posts have been unduly moderated with any great frequency, but I know that others have been blocked altogether by board policies (at least one good poster known blocked and untold # of possible newbies), for reasons with which I disagree. I don’t really feel right about identifying with a community that feels the need to impose those kinds of rules. I’ll reiterate however that this is an easy decision for me to make, since I am not very prosocial even in the best of circumstances. In other words, I am a tough fish to catch as a ‘board member’ even with the usual bait – but having policies against anonymity is like baiting that hook with a lead pellet. Boards that take stances against anonymity are just never going to lure people who hold digital freedom paramount, into comfortable residency, and maybe that’s as it’s supposed to be, because maybe communities that collectively are against anonymity in principle are that way for a reason: they don’t like the sorts of people who do believe in anonymity. They just don’t seem to think there’s any value in anonymity to be lost, so to them, it’s just a cloak used by those they automatically classify as ‘trolls’. shrug block

I can’t respect that.

Moral of the story: Don’t fight against the principles of any self-selected community. Instead, let the different communities’ principles fight it out for you.

Don’t assume to assign motives to people you don’t know.

I used enough qualifying words like ‘maybe’ and ‘seems’ that I made it pretty clear these are my impressions, ergo ‘not assuming’ was meant to be baked in. And if you don’t want to give that kind of impression, maybe you should go about enforcing your board policies in a different way? I’ve complained about this stuff several times, and typically have gotten the barest of brush-offs.

^^^^-- case in point

But as I say… don’t fight the flow, man! My new motto. So no further response is really required on my account. 8)

I won’t be saying anything new, but…

Proxies are a tool with many legitimate uses, but they’ve also been abused by highly non-constructive members of this forum. We haven’t blocked every proxy nor do we intend to. If someone wants to access this forum only through proxies and all the ones we know have been blocked then that’s unfortunate, but at least this is only a small part of the IF world.

BUMP Any thing cookin’ on this as of late?

I am told that there hasn’t been any development work recently. However, a bleeding-edge package is posted at bitbucket.org/sussman/twisty/downloads . Does not work for all Glulx games, will work for some.

Thank you for the info … I’ll give it a look see. Cheers.

Had it for a couple of weeks. Thought it wasn’t working because it failed to play the first few games I tried (Counterfeit Monkey and City of Secrets).

But now I’ve got Coloratura and Mentacula Apocolocyntosis. Not giving them a full run yet but they seem to be ok.

I don’t know about City of Secrets, but Counterfeit Monkey is just not really playable anywhere other than a desktop terp, at least at the moment. It’s far too intensive, and slows to a crawl in all the non-desktop terps I’ve seen it, or heard of it, played in.

Perhaps not relevant, but I did run Counterfeit Monkey in iFrotz on an iPhone 5C.

Well Apocolocyntosis gets stuck when I have to press space to continue.

Robin and Orchid is going well though. Doesn’t support Skype at present.

Oh, it does run. Masochistically, I was able to get quite a ways in. With iFrotz. But it’s far too slow to play, and I’ve yet to hear reports of it being playable* in any terp other than the desktop ones.

*by playable I don’t just mean that it loads and you can play it; I also mean that it performs well enough to actually be played rather than endured with a grinding and gnashing of teeth.

Yes, on my new phone I can get CM to load, but it soon allows down to the point of unplayability.

Rover, which comes with the app, seems to get stuck on the help menu.