mwForum has a tree view, and looks pretty nice too.


That looks pretty simple. It would probably work.

I think that features can probably be removed when creating new phpBB templates. It seems like there are placeholder tags used for the various options, and if you leave those things off the template, the options won’t appear. I could be mistaken, though. In the long run, people would probably become power-users and this would all seem really simple. Initially, though, I think it’s just too much. :frowning:

Hi all,

No offense intended here, but it’s getting to the point where the meta-discussion of the forum - the software used, the boards to implement, etc., is overtaking the intended purpose, which is to discuss IF, and it’s a little tiresome at this point. The debate over which board engine to use seems a little pointless. I haven’t noticed any ‘steep learning curve’ in figuring out how to a)register or b)post a reply. It seems this is just a point of personal preference for many people, and there’s no ‘objective’ better or worse, unless you want to start comparing things like security (the lack of which which phpBB used to be notorious for).

In the end, I don’t really care, and suspect many others don’t, either. How bout we get on with things here? Merk is a particularly active member of the Hugo forums over at Joltcountry; perhaps he can kick things off with some Hugo tips n tricks, in the process silencing those heathens who would do away with a dedicated Hugo board here. :slight_smile:


Well, if there’s a chance we might change the forum software, it might be a mistake to get too much real discussion going. It’d be lost, probably. Plus, with different opinions on what should and shouldn’t be here to start with, I’m starting to feel bad about rushing into this.

*Edit – yikes, my italics bb code tags show up as garbage, instead of italics…

Hi all!
I’m Sarganar for spanish comunity. Putting captcha for registration is a really good decition.
In our IF forum (caad.es/foro) we have some trouble with spammers.
It could be good if you add RSS option for read the post with Thunderbird.

Nos vemos!