Welcome to Pine Nut Days!


(I think a teaser-feelie is okay under my best understanding of the rules; if this crosses any line please feel free to delete it with my apologies. Look for Brain Guzzlers from Beyond in just a few days!)

Sure, why not.

I don’t have any feelies for Ether, but I could give an acrostic sonnet proemo (poem promo):

Another endless life comes to an end,
No home can last, no roots can ever grow.
Another boundless realm is bounded, and
Until I pass beyond, my heart is low.
Through fire and ice, between the gale and void,
Inside the maelstrom lies the frozen prize.
Leaping through the clouds with ice alloyed,
Unto the airy center I arrive.
Summoning the power of this world,
Assembling pathways to another realm.
Look ahead, with tentacles unfurled;
On, on, though myriad dangers overwhelm!
Forward, then, I go, and say goodbye
To this, my home, the wild, endless sky.