Weird problem with 80 Days and Hadean Lands on ipad

I bought Hadean Lands and 80 Days on the iPad on March 27, 2016.

Both apps are now gone from my purchased set, and I would have to pay again to get them. As far as I can see, none of my other purchases have been ‘reset’.

I can contact apple myself, and I will. It’s odd that both IF apps would go ‘dead’ at the same time. Has anyone else had this same problem?

(Sadly, all of my Choice of Games games were purchased through the Amazon store for android, which is now defunct. So all of my commercial interactive fiction is now dead).

I’ve never heard of that happening at all. And there’s no connection between the apps as far as Apple is concerned.

When you say “purchased set”, you’re looking at the App Store app on your device, under Purchased / All?

Have you tried signing out of the store app and then signing back in? (Bottom of the first tab in the Store app.)

Really what I’d expect is that if you try to re-buy the apps, it will pop up a dialog saying “Oh, you already own this, downloading now.” But it’s reasonable to contact Apple first.

What do you mean? The Amazon Appstore for Android still works. We still upload games/updates there and people are still buying them.

As far as Apple is concerned, the primary thing you want/need is the emailed Apple receipt for your purchase. Apple can sort it out from there.

I tried downloading old games I had on there, but they wouldn’t download. An android customer service rep told me it was because amazon was no longer offering apps for android, and that I should use the play store instead. They refunded my most recent purchase (sorcery 4) and told me to play it on the play store. I didn’t ask about my earlier Choice of Games from a year ago.

I’ll try downloading it again, though.

Well, it looks like it works now (except my favorite game, Choice of Robots, is stuck, but I think it’ll work eventually). This is great! I haven’t had them for months. The rep must have just been guessing. I was even able to purchase a new game with the free coins system (A Study in Steampunk). Thanks!

Edit: Now Choice of Robots works and the entire Sorcery Tetralogy. This is great!