Weekly SpeedIF Competitions

So I setup a slack-like server on plover. Anyone can register at (just your email password, not verified):


Every Sunday at 6pm UTC I will be online with anyone one else that cares to join. We will chat for up to 30 minutes and create parameters for that week’s speedIF.

Anyone can register/login and view the parameters, chat about them, make a story and upload the story file. I will probably delete anything but known story file formats (t3, ulx, z8) or whatever else people offer up that’s legit.

If we get trolled, I’ll have to lock it down a bit more, but let’s see how long it lasts being open.

Great stuff! Will the story files also be posted elsewhere?

I’ll make sure they get into the archive, yes.

I’ve added a proxy so you can hit the site over port 80:


Note the time is 6pm UTC, not noon. I’m not doing this at 6am!

You should! Who knows what people can come up with for a SpeedIF at 6am!

Parameter selection starting in 25 minutes:


I just signed up. A weekly SpeedIF sounds rather interesting. I’ve never participated in a SpeedIF before; how do they work? Don’t you have to write a game in two hours, based on some crazy premise somebody on IfMUD comes up with?

In general, the two-hour limit was imposed when we were all together on ifMud or in-person at a convention.

Knowing people’s schedules can be crazy, the SpeedIF workshop (no longer competition) is meant to allow you seven days to build a small story. You can try to do it in two hours or you can take the full seven days. Entirely up to you.

The crazy premise is supposed to be a group selection on the site, but I’ve missed the appointed hour the last two weeks and before that almost no one showed up. You can always pop in beforehand to suggest a “PARAM: my parameter” and I will include it in the theme. Otherwise, I will select the params from pop culture and current events and possibly ask ifMud for their thoughts.

Welcome to the fun!

Thanks, David. Can’t wait until the next ‘workshop’.

Fantastic thank you! <3