Weekly online and RL IF get-together


just wanted to inform you about a little get together we’ve been doing in Munich, Germany for some time now, if anyone’s interested. We meet every tuesday at 7pm CET at this little offspace I’m renting with a group of people to play IF collectively with a beamer, so if by any chance you live in Munich, feel free to drop by and grab a beer (or softdrink of your choice). We’re also doing this as a google hangout, so there’s also the chance of participating online, should you feel that way inclined.

The address is Bergmannstraße 8.

If you want to connect via hangout, I’m Steve Robotnik on google+

Thanks for reading!

Here’s a video from last week. We played English language games and most of the discussion is in English because we had a guest from Chile. We played What Little Girls Are Made Of and Parasites from the Ectocomp, and Michael Gentry’s Little Blue Men and had lots of fun. Here’s the link: