Web Inform10 with Graphics

Here’s P.B. Parjeter’s SpringThing2022 Bigfoot Bluff compiled for the web using the StrandIF web front end.

click here

Two additional pictures have been added experimentally; the player and the “figure”.

NB: save/restore/restart not implemented. It would need support from Inform/C, and then some.

This was done using Inform “C” format output.

../inform7/Tangled/inform7 -format=C/no-main/symbols-header -release bluff.i7

Then transpiled to WASM with emscripten.


Thanks, this is a pleasant surprise!

Unfortunately the page seems to hang on my computer and freeze the entire browser.

Maybe my computer is just wearing out, since I am having similar problems with certain web apps too…do you know if StrandIF is particularly RAM-intensive?

I’m glad you like it!

I added a couple of test pictures, x me and x bigfoot. These are easy to add to the game, “the strand way”;

all you do is put the name of the image somewhere in your text at the point you wish to show it and bingo! it appears.


The description of the player is "You are a Bigfoot standing about eight feet tall. You can do pretty much everything a human can do, plus you can easily carry your entire inventory over one shoulder. images/sashquatch2.webp"

I could add sounds the same way.

Regarding runtime resources, ah yes…

Over here it’s running in Firefox totalling about 300MB RAM and 5% CPU. Compared to, say Google News, which is 0.3% and 420MB. So, it looks like it’s a bit more CPU demanding.

One of the problems i encountered is that Inform converts a story into a monolithic C source file. ie bluff.i7 → bluff.c. where bluff.i7 is 152k, while bluff.c is 16MB (yes 16 megabytes)!

I really hope there’s a plan to break the C output into separate files, this would really help. I think also there’s a lot that can be simplified too (I’m looking at you i7_initialiser).

So, unfortunately, the consequence of a huge C file, is a huge web file! Currently around 5.2MB. I managed to get this down from 7MB.

So it’s early days, and i think this sort of thing will only get better.

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