Web Hosting

Maybe a little off topic.

My goal is to have a webpage from which I can host my IF games using the Quixe interpreter (or parchment if i can write them small enough for the z-machine). In any case, I’m not a very savvy programmer. Are there free webpages that will do this? How do I set it up? Can anyone help with this?

If you don’t care about the layout of the page, I think all you need is a place to host files; in that case, Google sites will work (just upload to Sites and then go to the Parchment Google code site to get the game link, which you then post back to the Sites page).

If you want the layout to be consistent (i.e. between your homepage and the game-playing page) you’ll need space to set up Quixe/Parchment. In that case maybe nearlyfreespeech.net would be a good option – pretty cheap hosting.

Github and Google App Engine are also options for free hosting, though they have their complexities. Github would mean using git to upload, and having your code visible to all (though if you use Parchment or Quixe it’s not like you have anything to hide… it’s all open source already) and app engine would mean using it’s SDK to upload.

But you could always just use the normal Parchment and link people to it. No shame in that!

It’s an odd suggestion, but it works and I can give you an example. Dropbox. If you post an html file to the public folder and copy the public link, it will work just like a webpage.

Here is an IF I was testing some things with writing in IF7, released with parchment.


It’s also handy because you can release the project to the Dropbox public folder where ever it is on your computer, and the Dropbox program will automatically upload, thus updating the public link as well.

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wordpress makes it very easy to create very nice looking sites. download their open source package, upload it to some webspace, done. ultimately tweakable. love it. and i have no idea of webdesign. i only know iweb, which sucks ass.

Dropbox would probably be the best option if you’re not doing anything but hosting your game files in an HTML interface and not do anything dynamic. There are also a lot of “websites in a box” out there that require minimal experience, but you might struggle with customization. A lot of them are available as installers through cPanel, if your web host uses it.

If you’re wanting to save your transcripts to your database with Parchment, Dropbox obviously won’t work and you’ll either have to buckle down and learn some basics or get some kind volunteer to help you out.

My current pet project would be good for this, but it’s FAR from finished.