Weather The Storm

Hey, look, I wrote an actual interactive story finally! :slight_smile: A cozy little 2500-ish word piece about spending a night at your family’s rustic cabin to get away from your troubles and…er…running into other troubles starting a fire, cooking food, etc.

I haven’t really written fiction since doing school assignments as a teenager in the 90s, so I don’t expect the story is anything to write home about, but I had fun making it, and hey, feedback is welcome. And as a little experiment in using cycling links to select verb/noun commands and storylets to respond to them, it might be interesting to some people as a more worked-out TinyQBN example.

Play it at or check out the source code on GitHub.


That was really fun to play, Josh! It’s been years since I was anywhere outdoorsy, and having been stuck in front of a computer in my London flat for months it was great to imagine being up in the mountains! Thanks for supplying the source code, too!


That was fun! :+1:
One thing that was slightly annoying is having to scroll up to move to a new location after trying a lot of commands. Repeating the initial paragraph (or a minified version with only the links) after every command might work or perhaps having the initial paragraph in its own frame that stays at the top of the screen.

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Oh, good thought. Shouldn’t be too hard, either.

And thanks!