Wearing things

Is there any special trick to telling Inform that the player is trying to wear clothes?
I defined clothes as a wearable thing, then defined several items as clothes.
But when I try to wear, say, a miniskirt, Inform does not respond, and when I type “inventory” it says I am carrying the individual items.

Here’s the code:

[code]A box of thongs is a fixed in place open container in Closet.

Clothes is a kind of wearable thing.

A wickedly-short miniskirt, a skimpy halter and a pair of six-inch heels are clothes in Closet.

The thong is clothes. It is in box of thongs. The thong is undescribed.

Understand “shoes/heels” as pair of six-inch heels.[/code]


Understand "put on" as wearing.

Here is what is happening on the “Results” side of the screen:

wear clothes
You can’t see any such thing.

wear thong
wear halter
wear miniskirt
wear shoes
You are carrying:
a thong
a pair of six-inch heels
a skimpy halter
a wickedly-short miniskirt


Understand “clothes” as clothes.

You are carrying the clothes, does inventory not list them as “being worn”?


Clothes is a kind of thing. Clothes is wearable.

When I stick that code into a new project and compile it, it works fine.

[code]>wear heels
(first taking the pair of six-inch heels)
You put on the pair of six-inch heels.

You are carrying:
a pair of six-inch heels (being worn)

Are you sure you didn’t try to redefine wearing elsewhere in your code or something?


Hmmm, that didn’t work for me, but thanks.
And. no. I didn’t redefine wearing.

This was the culprit:

Instead of wearing anything:
If player is in Closet:
say “There’s no room to move in this tiny closet. Why not go to the dressing room first?”;
if player is in Bedroom:
say “You never wear clothes in the bedroom! Why not go to the dressing room first?”

I am going to try to substitute a check rule.

A check rule and a stop the action command got me what I wanted. Thanks for the replies.