Wanted: fighting-lib for tads3

Has anyone written some kind of rpg fighting library for tads3?

Hopefully something that is similar to the ATTACK library for inform that were used in Kerperkruip.

Anyway would be nice to have one available in the ifarchive!

I’ve modestly started on something along those lines myself but want to check around here before going deeper into it.


Not that I recall. Were you thinking of porting ATTACK?

No. I’ve started from scratch since I would like a system where the attacking unit is a group instead of an individual where you are able to issue attack style for each actor in your group besides yourself, or that they will act on their own having different strategies for who they will attack, when and how.

I’m not entirely sure how the attacking sequence is best carried out yet but Inform ATTACK serves as inspiration since I really liked that system.

you mean, something like:


or I have misunderstand ?

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As it is now (just as a sketch) it is done via the menu system in a separate window provided by the banner api.

*(For each party member)

  1. select target
  2. select attack

Or in the case of your party members strategies are decided by their own initiative you just select your own attack and they will carry out their own on a chosen enemy in the enemy group.

But I want to have flexibility in the system so it works with purely parser style too like the example you provided. But in that case I would prefer some autonomity in the characters so they can carry out their own actions even when not ordered around.

Keep in mind that ATTACK is GPL3 licensed, so a straight port would likely have to inherit that license (as would any game using it). Personally, I’d prefer to see something more liberally licensed, which would have to be written from scratch (i.e. without looking at ATTACK‘s source code).

As it is now (just as a sketch) it is done via the menu system in a separate window provided by the banner api.

The standard TADS menus and banner API are not accessible with a screen reader, so if you want to make the game playable by the blind I would suggest giving an option to display the menus in text mode.

I don’t get why you consider GPL still as “general public virus” (a problem solved by v.2 and the LGPL)…

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Is that also the case in Parchment? There shouldn’t be any substantial difference between how TADS shows menus in text windows vs other systems like Glulx.

They work fine in parchment or other web interpreters, but due to the menu’s extensive use of the banner API, my screen reader won’t read them at all, other than the initial list of options.

Hmm. The banner window still has ARIA attributes set, so I would’ve thought that the updates would be read out by screen readers.

Does this two window game work any better? Or does it also only read out what happens in the first window?


I think you misunderstood my answer. I can use and read the menues fine in Parchment, or other web interpreters, but in the native interpreter for windows, only the first list of options is read.
Nice work with Parchment, btw. What do I need to do to release a TADS game with it? Does it have to use the web UI?

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Ah, great! I’m glad Parchment is a good option for you!

No, you have to use the regular UI, though the HTML mode is not supported. It’s kind of more like a console TADS interpreter, though it also supports the Banner API. And then once the game is compiled, you just have to upload the .t3 file somewhere. The IFArchive is a great place of course.

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