Want to meet IF enthusiasts in your area?

I do! After the great reception Everybody Dies got (thanks everyone!)
I thought it’d be fun to maybe start an IF writers’ circle in Toronto,
Canada, where I live.

But then I thought maybe other folks in other cities might want to
connect with local writers and readers of IF, too.

So I started this map here:
platial.com/mapv/Interactive-Fic … sts/570241

It’s really simple to add yourself to the map, though in general the
app is not without its glitches. But it may well serve the purpose!

If folks want to add it to a webpage then the embed code is below.

[code]<param name=“movie” value=“http://

<param name="quality"

value=“high” >

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I added a Code /Code block around your script. I hope it didn’t mess up the format… also hope that was okay with you.

I finally got around to checking that out. Pretty cool idea – although Kansas seems to be a near void when it comes to Interactive Fiction. :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting back to working on my WIP lately, and have been kind of itching for a bit of discussion about IF, so I would enjoy getting together with some people in Boston or Cambridge. I see there’s a good number around here. I wonder if Nick Montfort would could be convinced to host something at MIT…

Toronto is no Boston, either, when it comes to IF! S’pose it makes sense with the Infocom hq being near there and all.

What I’ve been thinking about recently is getting two or three other IF-curious writers that I really like together and starting more of a workshop type thing. I’ve been doing it with other types of games:
…and there’s no reason it wouldn’t work well for IF.

In Boston (well, Cambridge (well, Somerville)) We just had a small IF meetup here at Davis Square. It was great! Zarf was there, and one guy who was participating in the IF Writing Month, and a few other people. We briefly discussed the idea of meeting regularly (about once a month) and at least two of us definitely want to do it. We organized this one at this forum thread:

ifmonth.proboards.com/index.cgi? … d=5&page=1

but I’ll try to post here when we come up with details for the next one.

We’ve started a mailinglist / googlegroup for Boston IF meetups.


We’re currently trying to plan something for March 22.

Oh, what a shame I missed that, I walk to Davis Square all the time. Sounds like it was fun.

I think I saw on the newsgroup that another was coming up later this month. If I’m right, it might not be too late. Anybody know?

Looks like it’s not too late. The announcement says it’s happening October 27th:

groups.google.com/group/rec.arts … b9d39f2241