Want to help update "Warbler's" source?

A GitHub user notified me yesterday that the source for The Warbler’s Nest, which I shared on that site two Christmases ago, doesn’t compile on the latest release of Inform 7. Their list of the errors it currently generates: github.com/jmacdotorg/warblers-nest/issues/1 (They later marked the issue as “Closed”, but the reported errors nonetheless remain.)

While I’d love to fix these myself, I can’t predict when I’ll have the resources free to do so. As such, I welcome a bit of community help here, if anyone else would like to take a crack at it. Pull requests, in other words, would be quite welcome!

I’ve updated the repository’s README to reflect the state of things, so I don’t consider this an urgent matter. But I would quite appreciate any assistance in getting this story source working with the most recent I7 once more, since I did originally share it to provide the world with more functional I7 example code.

I already commented on the Github issue, but based on the error messages alone the main problem seems to be that the code uses “while in (room)” instead of “while the player is in (room)” (or “while the location is (room)”) which shouldn’t take long to fix. Anyway, the original reporter seems to be working on it again.

I am glad that I asked! Thanks, Juhana.

For my own benefit as much as anything, I’ll have a look. :slight_smile:

(I’m the same username here as I am on GitHub.)