Want to collaborate?

I want to create a large game collaboration for Inform 7, with writers programers and artists. This collaboration will not be a formal agreement and anyone can join and leave, the point is to create a large game with alot of input from various people. I thought it would be interesting to try.

Could you be a little more specific about your idea?

You may be interested in seeing how other similar projects worked out:

There’s IFWhispers, a paper-telephone-like collaborative project. Five games have been made like this so far, and the source codes are available for all of them.

There’s IF Progressive, which I haven’t played yet but I understand is a progressive collaboration project. Not sure how successful it was, any of the contributors around to comment on this?

Also, famously there’s Alabaster, in which every person and their dog submitted a conversation thread for a chat with a pretty creepy Snow White. I have played it, and I thought it was excellent, but I gather there are some conversation paths which are of patchier quality than the ones I went down.

And there’s the ongoing discussion about a shared world for writing some IF games in, based on pirates with mutant powers.

The plot will be focusing on dreams. Using a machine that sends the protagonist into a fantasy dream world. I’m still not entirely sure about it. But right now my main focus is gettting some other programmers and writers to help.

Wow, sounds interesting. Especially since I am (procrastinating) reading Freud’s ‘The Dream-Work’ lecture right now. Count me in for a (brief and probably badly coded) episode. I’d be tempted to fish among my own dreams for inspiration but I rarely remember them, and those I do remember are weird. Who knows what I might inadvertently reveal >.>. Sounds fun though. All sorts of fantastic things are possible in a dream work that wouldn’t be possible in the real world, or even a properly crafted fantasy world. Sounds fun.

I’m still looking for people who want to join this project I especially need someone to help me flesh out my plot