want a free printed copy of the TADS2 manual?

I realize that the TADS 2 Author’s Manual is available online, but would anyone be interested in the original print version?

It’s Revision 2.0 (from November 1992), spiral bound, 239 pages. Covers show some wear, but pages are clean.

Willing to ship for free via media mail within the U.S.

what is TADS :question:

Only the most powerful IF authoring system on the planet. Nothing to see here, move along.

Yup. TADS 3, that is. TADS 2 was certainly capable, but it was pretty much in the same class as Inform 6 and Hugo.

TADS 3 is unjustly neglected. In spite of Eric’s marvelous work writing massive tutorials, it still intimidates newcomers. And its code is not THAT much harder to read or write than I7 code, so it’s hard for me to understand why.

Well, there’s the Mac IDE, I suppose. That’s not irrelevant.

Hey I am game if you still have it :slight_smile: