Walkthrough - Wearing the claw

Dear all,

My 9 year old son, is wanting to have a walkthrough for "wearing the claw by Paul o’Brien. Please help me with the same. Very eager to hear from you all.

He already plays the following z-code games on his device:

  1. Winter wonderland
  2. Adventure
  3. Curses
  4. Dragon adventure
  5. Earth and sky
  6. The enterprise incidence

Can you suggest me a few more z-code for his age.
He is blind and plays on a braille notetaker running on a Windows CE.

Thanks and regards,

published:2012s far as I can tell nobody has written a walkthough for Wearing the Claw, but the game itself contains an extensive hint system that can be used as a walkthrough. To access this, type HELP. This opens up a help menu. Press the UP key, then ENTER to open the HINTS section.

I can personally recommend Lost Pig, if he hasn’t already played it. It’s suitable for a young player in content and is very responsive, and importantly, very funny. You might also find the following poll helpful.

Thank you so much.