Waiting and Whining

A thread for whining while we wait for the latest release of a Popular Authoring System.

I’ll start it off: ennnnhhhhhhgggggrrrrggggnnnnnn


Jeez, calm down. Erasmatron will be ported to the Palm 3 soon enough without you complaining about it.

Yeah, sorry guys, I’ve been kind of slacking on this. I only have 6500 more verbs to add to the Knowledge Tree though, so I’m thinking by next Wednesday we’ll have Balance of Power 4.0 running smoothly on Palm OS and Android 2.0.

But I neeeeeeeeeeeed it.

This Tom Petty song isn’t helping AT ALL.

I happen to have Inside Information that the delay is only caused by the addition of more Awesomeness. Can’t say more - NDA - but just wait till you see it!

I hear Inform 8 will have 3D capabilities.


Really? I hope AGS 4’ll have natural language abilities!

HaHA! I have already seen the great thing!!!