Vorple Not Working Locally

I’m keenly interested in looking at the Vorple extensions to Undum, so this morning I downloaded both Undum itself and the Vorple example games.

The Undum tutorial game runs perfectly, as expected, on my local system (Windows 7, Firefox or Chrome). However, the Vorple example games fail. I see the opening display box, but nothing else ever appears. (These games work fine when run from the Vorple server.)

I checked the Options areas in both browsers, looking for Javascript security features that might need to be toggled, but Javascript is enabled … and since Undum itself works, that can’t very well be the source of the problem.

Looking at the HTML source for Rabbit Hole, it appears that the Javascript calls are being directed to the right directories – I don’t see an obvious problem there.

I don’t see the “This story requires Javascript” error message.

As Buffalo Springfield sang, back in about 1968, “Somethin’s happenin’ here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” Suggestions would be welcome.

Sorry about that - the examples package includes the debugging versions by mistake. I’ll fix the package tomorrow but in the meanwhile here’s how you can fix it manually.

Open the index.html files in a text editor and remove these lines (starting from around line 25):



Add this line in their place:

<script type="text/javascript" src="../../lib/vorple.min.js"></script>

Got it – thanks. They’re working now.

This system looks very, very nice – and I don’t just mean its visual appearance. I’m still hazy on the features, but my guess is that they’re solid too.

Now I get to roll up my sleeves and learn Just Enough Javascript…