Vorple interpreter error: Cannot enlarge memory arrays


I have some Inform IFs with graphics, music and sound effects and I’m trying to integrate Vorple in order to play them online, keeping all the audiovisual effects.

However, when I try to start one of the IFs on the Vorple interpreter, it throws the following exception and I’ve no idea of what’s going on.

Would anyone know how to deal with this kind of problem? Or any hints on how to try to figure out a solution myself?

I’d be very (very) grateful for any tips!

It means you’re running out of memory, that you’re using more than the 32MiB limit that the code was built with. It’s an error from Emscripten, which is the program that compiles C/C++ code (the Vorple interpreter, presumably?) to something that will run in a web browser.

From the error message, it looks like you can change the limit at runtime, if you can find the “Module” object. But I know very little about Emscripten or Vorple so I’m not sure if that’s a global variable and if you could just stick in a single line of javascript which sets Module.TOTAL_MEMORY to a higher number before running Vorple? Maybe someone who knows more can help with that…


You can try to edit the play.html file and add a line marked below:

Module.locateFile = function( name ) {
return "interpreter/" + name;

Module.TOTAL_MEMORY = 43554432;  // <-- add this line here

vorple.options = {
// URL to the game file
story: "story.gblorb"

If that number isn’t enough, you can try to increase it even more.

The ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH flag will be set in the next release so this won’t be a problem anymore.

Yeah, that fixes it!

Thank you so much, both of you, for your responses.
And thank you Juhana, for the fix and the great tool that is Vorple.