Vorple in browser interpreter can't handle Glulxstory files

I’m fairly new to Inform, more of a writer than a tech person, but I’m working on my first game.

I have to use the glulx setting because of size limits, then I saw a game using Vorple, which could give such a nice polish to the formatting of a game.

Then I get this error when I try to compile:

And I’m like really? All the technical ability of the modern Inform language and then I run into a brick wall when trying to do a little formatting. I’m not a tech person. I was so excited to learn and write, but now this all reeks of amateur hour. I really had higher hopes.

Any target date when this is going to be fixed or updated?

I recall reading something about Vorple intentionally not supporting Glulx because, unlike the Z-machine, Glulx is still under active development and possibly heading in a Vorplish direction. I can’t find the specific post or article that I read, but the idea was to avoid divergence and incompatibility between the two. The people responsible for these systems are active here, so they can tell you more.

For now, if you’re interested in formatting, consider releasing your game with the Quixe Glulx interpreter (already integrated with I7) and some custom CSS.

Glulx is under, er, kind of active development…

It currently supports CSS but not Vorple, as Vince says, and that’s just where it is. You say amateur hour; well, we are all literally amateurs.

(I am sort of a professional. That is why, this year, I am focusing on features that benefit my game rather than all games. Sorry, gotta pay rent.)

That probably sounds harsh, so let me add: at this point there’s no point in waiting on me. I would love to update Glulx to do more, but I said that every year for the past six years? Ten? So Vorple should not be blocked on me.

That was the basic idea.

The good news is that we have a plan to add Glulx support that would not break compatibility if Glulx development later picks up. Bad news is that I don’t have an estimate to give when that would happen. Like zarf I have to prioritize projects that generate income, but I’m trying to push things into a direction where Vorple would be a part of them.