Vorple 3.0 release?

Vorple 3.0 beta was released 4-29-2018 - that is over a year ago. Since I’ve been using Vorple for my story in development, I was hoping that the release of several important features, such as a status line extension which was “almost there” in beta - is finally there after a full year’s time.

While I do really like the modern UI look that Vorple provides, I’m hoping my choice to use it wasn’t a bad one. When any product is in beta for over a year, one starts to worry. Or is this just the casual speed with which these IF tools evolve?

I’m guessing you mean 2017 (or you’re a time traveler). If it’s not causing you problems, the beta status is not a problem. :slight_smile:

Yeah, IF engine (and related) dev is generally slow.

Using IF platforms in any expectation fashion is similar to herding cats and expecting results over time. Cats don’t herd and neither do IF platforms.

Yes, the development time is determined by the amount of free time (or lack thereof). The good news is that the next release should be coming up within some months.

When herding cats, turn on a can opener.

By the way, Juhana, I guess you accept pull requests? I may make some, at least to correct small things like errors in the documentation.

When do you think you will work on Vorple again? So that we don’t do the same thing at the same time.

Yes please! Don’t worry about duplicating effort, I’m working on somewhat basic code organizational things at the moment.