vocabulary level

I wondered what is the vocabulary level of most authors ? Most interective fiction was designed for readership from what age?

Are their any games designed for kids? I want to introduce it to my 11 years old cousin.

By the way, I have a really off topic question, do anyone one have any tips or advice for preparing for PSAT, i’m taking it on this Saturday and now i’m getting a little nervous…

I think there have been some threads on this forum about kid-friendly IF (within the last month or two), so you may want to do a search. It also wouldn’t surprise me at all if somebody has compiled a list on IFDB of games appropriate for children.

Robert Rothman

A substantial majority of IF is written by adults for adults. Quite a lot happens to be child-suitable (assuming you have a pretty bright kid who enjoys reading and problem-solving), but the proportion of games written specifically for children is relatively low. This proportion has increased quite a bit in the last year or two, but the field of quality child-targeted games is still not very deep; if the child isn’t at the point where they’re comfortable with reading grown-up novels, they might run out of suitable games fairly quickly.

I’d suggest Lost Pig or Aotearoa as introductory games.

The IFDB has tags for children games. Try ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=zpjzp8drlwozs0j0 or click on one of the tags.